Why Does My Mom Get Mad When I Tell Her About A Boy?


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You must remind her that you are growing up and becoming a young lady. Most Mothers would like to keep their little girls, little girls forever. However, they realize sooner or later that their dream is impossible. Also, Mothers have adjusted to the thought of her little girl being interest in Boys. Give her time she will find it easier and easier to listen to you talks about boys and she will soon be asking you questions about Boys. Take care.
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But she always fuss at me and she act like she doesn't want me to at least like a boy. I'm 14 and i like a 16 year old, and i didn't tell her because she might fuss at me. What should i do?
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MINE DOES TOO!!! Sometimes me and my mom fight and sometimes we dont
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She probably doesnt like it how ur growing up and u like boys
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Because your mom wants you to be be a virgin forever, just like she was. Oh wait, is there a logical flaw in this argument? :-)

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