I'm almost 14 and I want my mom back In my life. She drinks/does drugs. I have not spoken/seen her since I was 8. I want my little brother. I miss him so much it's unbearable.How do I tell dad that I want her back? I am so scared my dad will be mad


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PJ Stein answered

I can undertand wanting your mom around, especially at this time in your life. I don't think your dad will be mad, but if your mother is still doing drugs and drinking I doubt he will let her back into your life. Unfortunately people who do let that take over their lives always hurts those around them, even if they don't mean to. If your dad doesn't let your mom back in isn't because he wants to deprive you, but because he loves you and wants to protect you.

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It's not difficult to understand that you want your mom in your life.  I'm sure your dad gets that too.  The thing is, your dad may also see that if your mom is still in her addiction, it would not be in your best interest to be I. Her life. 

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I know my parent are divorced too. I know you'll miss them, but don't let depression stay in you forever. Contact and call them and it will make you feel better.

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