My mom is 1.64cm and my dad is 1.70cm. I am 14 years old and I got my period when I was 14 too. So.. what would be my final adult height? P.S. My mom said she got her period at almost high school and grew like 15cm for 4 years.


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If your mother is 1.64cm and your dad is 1.7cm, then for sure you're going to be extremely short. I've seen some insects taller then that. 1.6cm is less then 3/4"

And what Aux said, your first menstrual cycle has more to do with environment and genetics, and nothing to do with you height.

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Looks like a decimal place issue---lol
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Her family may have descended from Hans Christian Anderson's Thumbelina -- although even she would have been taller than that.
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Yeah, I sort of figured it was a mistake and she didn't mean cm, but m (for meter). I thought she might have edited it though
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Genetic is what determines your height and it has nothing to do with your menstrual cycle.

Height also doesn't necessarily get determined by your parent's height. DNA and your growth hormone works so varied and out of control. You can get height genetic not by your parents but your grands and all your background relatives. And you can even end up be taller or shorter than anyone from entire of your family cycle.

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First of all.. I think you mean 164cm and/or 1.64m and 170cm and/or 1.70m (they're the same thing anyway) and secondly, to answer your question, it honestly just depends on you, your actions, the food you eat, etc.. For eg, if you had a lot of sugar or coffee regularly that may decrease your chance of growing taller. 

However, doing sports like basketball and eating healthy would not only improve your health but also may increase height. My parents heights are similar to yours but when I was 14 I didn't grow that much during my growth spurt.. It was only around 2-4 cm?

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My friend is really short and she walked through the halls of school being the smallest one. What I always told her was that she was fun sized. Tell yourself the benefits of being small, don't always think about the costs.

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