Does The Girl Like Me Back?


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We're in the same boat.  I would say try to hang around with her without your friend and if she is giving you the same signs ask  her to go somewhere with a group of friends but sit next to her.  Just don't jump on her and say go out with me!  Feel comfortable with her and learn more about her first!
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The laughing thing is a big sign, she loves you! I laughed at everything my chrush said well everyone else thought he wasn't funny, and now he's my boyfriend and I still laugh at everything he says. It's not that she's laughing to attract you, but naturaly we can't help laughing when we like a guy.

I'm around the same age I'd know. She's probably scared to ask you out.

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Well maybe you should ask her friends what she thinks of you!
But you should ask her out you'll never find a girlfriend if you don't take a chance!!
So take the chance and ask her out!
Good luck!
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For one, I don't believe that you are aged as you claim to be. You sound a bit articulate for your age. But if what you state is factual, compliments to your writing. Back to your query. I do for one believe she is fond of your company, so it seems. Her persona perhaps consist of a gregarious person. If i were you id keep things in the same constition. As a friend though, you are still entitled to asking her out and trying to kiss her and all of those youg-aged sort of actions.
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I'm 13 and I can speak intulectually. I don't think it is him you should be questioning. I think you should stop thinking kids are stupid.....
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That's a tough one. I believe it is very possible... I think maybe you should just ask her.... Maybe the outcome will really surprise you :):) good luck Ozwellls1
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The best thing to do is ask her  friends and ask them  what she thinks about you and does she talk about you and tell them you won't say anything about it and if they say yes she likes you then take the time to ask her out you'll never know unless you try!


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