A Girl Stares At Me A Lot, Does She Like Me?


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It sounds to me like she is definitely into you. Staring is good :) It means that you are intriguing to her. Give it time, stare back at her and make sure she knows you are, not too much though. Eventually, engage in conversation. Compliment her on something she is wearing, or a feature such as eyes or smell. :) Hope this helps.
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Cool, if she smiles at you she probly likes you. If not she might like you. If she will talk to you a lot and wants to become friends and then starts smiling and glancing a lot or even more, I bet she has a crush. JUST don't PUSH IT! PLEASE! Don't be an idiot like me lol asking her out cause she glanced at me a lot and I imidiatley asked her out to a dance... THAT WAS THE END OF IT!!... Lol so thats great if she is glancing at you. Chances are shee likes you. Just get to know her first, then take it from there.
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If a girl stares at you its true that she is fancying you. She wants you to know it ,that she adores you and wants you to look at her so she can get the message to you that "SHE 'S wanting you FOR EXACTLY WHO you ARE"so go up to her and ask her out. I bet she would be absolutely delighted!
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From a girls point of view..yes. Yes she does. If she has a cell phone (and unlimited texting because if she likes you she will text you bunches) and one day get her number, and just say "Hey" and start with simple conversation..but try to avoid small talk some girls absolutely HATE that but if she loves you..she will just think you're funny. So..hope I help, and remember don't go on too strong. :)
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See dude, (you r a dude rite?) If you like er, follow these steps-
1. Smile at her when she looks at you and then look away.
2. Praise her (not too much or she'll think youre a creep)
3. Continu the friendship and then when you feel confident, turn her into a girlfriend from a girl friend.
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She most likely has a crush on you. I know when I like a boy, I stare at him, have my friends ask them questions,  and sometimes I even make fun of them. Girls do a lot of things get your attention. If you like her back, smile at her, ask her to dance at a school dance, or even ask if she wants to tag along if you get invited to a party w/ a lot of people. This may allow you to get to know her outside of school but make it more fun and less awkward. I hope this works out for you! :)
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It sounds like she does, you should talk to her if you like her, ask her out for a walk or something like that. I bet she might like that. Hope this helps you out.
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Well she may or may not like you so the best bet is to try to hang out with her outside of school not like in a stalker type of way but as friends and start as friends and see where things go maybe she is shy and likes you or maybe she isn't interested but the thing is you got to start as friends or else you might just scare her off and make her not like you so I would suggest you guys start off as friends first because I know I am scared when guys come up to me and just ask me and I would rather be friends with guys first so yeah try to be friends first and that one story that was told to you is a very true story it happens to a lot of us girls out in this world which is one reason we have started thinking some guys are jerks but the story makes us think okay so there is this perfect guy for the girls and there are jerks so we watch out so be really kind and nice and polite and ask her to be friends and then try to get further if she wants it to go further if not then don't force yourself onto her
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Maybe it depends where she stares at you, if your by a window then no, she's day dreaming. But if not, she definately likes you, If she stares then you catch her looking, and she suddenly turns her head then there is a 96% chance she likes you, but if she doesn't then there is about a 70%. Another way to find out is to talk about dating and stuff around her and see how she reacts, also, try a few small flirts with other girls and see what she does.
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She more than likely likes you. Haha she probably is just too shy to make a move or isn't sure if you will reject her or not. If you like her you should be a man and make the first move.
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DUDE, she could very well like you!!! Here, try staring back at her, right SMACK into her eyes. See what she does and watch her reactions closely. Then you should try hanging out with her. And don't sweat if peeps make fun of you...it'll all work out in the end :D
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She might do, it depends on what sort of stare though. If its a long, dreamy stare then she probably likes you :)
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It sounds to me like she likes you. Talk to her on myspace or ask her if she wants to go for a walk in the park etc... Staring is a good sign that someone likes you. Good Luck!
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She almost does definetely like you. Stare back and don't stop even if she does look away. If she keeps on staring smile at her.
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Ask her you dork! If I lyked a guy and they noticed that I stared at them a lot, I would want them to ask me if I liked them!!!!! Let me tell you a story!!! There was a girl & she asked this boy if he thought she was pretty! He said no.
She asked him if he wanted to be with her forever, he said no.
Then she asked him that if she turned around and walked away, would he cry! He said no!
She turned around in tears & he grabed her arm  & said, " your not pretty, your beautiful!! I don't want to be with you forever, I need to be with you forever!!! If you turned and walked away, I wouldnt cry, I would die!!"
Now, ask her in private!!!! Maybe after class when you r walking to your next class, then say," ive noticed you st airing at me... ( pause & see if she says anything, if not say,) " do you lyk me?!"  but after you read this, stop & think... " do I like this girl?" don't think what I just wrote is a bunch of crap, because it took me 15 minutes on this! That was a true story too!!
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Give her a chance and start  talking to her. I think she likes you. Talk to her on my space or in class maybe she is shy and doesn't know what to say. It sounds to me like she likes you!! Good luck lol plz answer my questions now I have  to answers to mine...
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When I am in the gym class and doing exercise she looked at me and my friend and I was shy and I think she may get  because was with other guys so help me find out what she want
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If she smiles at you when she stares she probably likes you. But the only way to find out is to ask
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Well it depends it she stares at you with a smile then she might like but but if there isn't a smile she might be looking at somebody else or she likes you and it shy about it
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As I m a girl it quiet possible that she likes you....but what I m telling you is from my experience" the same had happened with me a year a go. He was good looking , good in studies and was always stares at me, you know bcoz of this I can't even concentrate on my studies. I was confused as same your now. And what I did that, his best friend was a good friend of mine. I took all the information about him . And then I asked the friend to ask the boy who was staring at me. That why he is doing so? Then he answered was he loves me. You can try this method what I did. Is she a good looking?
( includes- her behaviour, study, n how does she talks with the other boys)  or do you like her? You don't say " yes" only bcoz if you r just attracted 2 her bcoz of her behaviour ok b carefull.
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I hate when you get a feeling someones staring at you there are several difffrent types of stares
1.stalking stare (watches your every move wich means she obsesd with you)
2.I like you stare (person looks dream likish)
3.glare (idislike you)
4.he scares me yet its interesting (interested in you)
5.thers nothing better to do so look around and watch people
6.I'm just testing to see your reaction
hope these help :D
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First keep on staring at her. Then try to talk generally with her and check whether her attitude is towards loving you or not then go for the final act... Hope you understand my principle..
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She may or may not, either she really likes you a lot and you should go for it or the other possibility is that she's just spacing out and happens to be glancing your direction when she does but either way....
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Maybe...maybe not. She might like you and want o go out OR you might have something on your face. Who knows.
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She definately likes you...give her a chance...I know for a fact that she does the first sign that girls drop is eyes contact...
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I stare at this girl and I saw her today staring back does this means she likes me or is she creeped out
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Well, she could very well be staring at you because she likes you and thinks you are really cute . . . You could also have spinach in your teeth. Talk to her. Get to know her. Then, see how things go from there. Best of luck! :)
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Maybe you should take that extra step and see if your right she may just like you and you wont know if you don't ask her out whats the worst that can happen... Follow your instincts...
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Well if she doesnt have a boyfriend then talk to her see if you guys have anything in common and see what happens from there
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It might be that she was just looking in your direction or she is looking for someone else beside you or something like that, but most probably is that she has a crush you :)
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Well thats mostly y a girl will look at you or unless you got something on your face lolz...Na she likes you
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It mostly may not be because people who are secretly loving other one don't maintain the eye contact.but people smile when they really don't love you in a relational way.but if like her you may try to get a little closer to her and approach her.
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You should come outright and ask her... She might like you and she's too shy to say anything...
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She probably likes you because I do that a lot to this guy I like at school plus I agree with Hannah4god
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She could be daydreaming or just sees you and likes to stare at you for some odd reason. Could be cause she is bored. Its not all the time she might like you. Don't jump into conclusion cause it can be hard to tell if she likes you.
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Just because a girl looks at you doesn't mean she like you.But who knows the girl may feel something for you.Try talking to her, ask her about this.Maybe even ask her on a date.If she says no, she may just want to be friends.
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You are on a public sight asking unknown people if some one likes you, you should be asking the person this question, with having to ask on a public sight tells me that you are liking him and want to find out if the feeling is mutual ask him.....
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Maybe. But not necessary, though. If girls stare at you doesn't mean that she like you, seriously! Maybe it's just some kind of ... I don't know - but probably it doesn't mean that a girl staring at you HAVE to be that she liked you!!

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