What do guys around 13 like in a girl?


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Everyone is different. At 13 one guy might like a specific thing about a girl and someone else might hate that. I would say good personality, good looks, someone who is fun, nice..
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Theodore Putnam
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Im 14 just recently, and i look for a gal who is fun, compassionate, respectable/respecting, cute, (for details, shortish hair, warm brown or dazzlingly blue eyes, and braces dont hurt) and one who is comfortable(ish) around you. If she likes me back, that adds a factor. Best of luck my friend :)
Theodore Putnam
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Also if you wear a lot of makeup TAKE IT OFF because guys like imperfections if you dont hide them. That shows that you know you arent perfect and you dont try to be, that you just try to be better. Also, (I) look for a girl who is a little shy but really opens up to me when i get to know her. If you have specific questions, email me at [email protected]

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