Do Girls Like It When A Guy Touches Their Breasts?


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Well, that depends on what he’s doing!

It’s important to remember that a woman’s breasts are part of her body, and they’re pretty sensitive. You don’t want to grab or squeeze them too hard, as your girlfriend won’t like that at all.

Do Girls Like Having Their Breasts Touched?
If you’re doing it right, most girls like having their breasts played with - it can be quite arousing, and will usually get a girl in the mood!

You should be able to tell by her body language whether she’s enjoying it or not.

How Should I Touch A Girl’s Breasts?
Start very gently. If you just grab them, you’re probably going to get slapped. Move your hands slowly, and don’t focus on just her boobs - touch her neck and the sides of her body as well.

You don’t want to make your girlfriend feel like you’re only interested in her chest!

As a woman’s breasts are erogenous zones, you should touch them in a slow, sensual way - focusing on the nipples, as these are the most sensitive bits. Try gently massaging the breasts, with no sharp movements.

When Is It Okay To Touch A Woman’s Boobs?
This depends on your relationship. If you’re quite a touchy-feely couple, she probably won’t mind you touching her breasts when you’re just cuddling or watching TV.

Some girls will only like you touching their breasts during sex - it really depends on how comfortable you are with each other. If in doubt, ask your girlfriend.
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OMG NO, my friend who I have A HUGE crush on did it to me as a joke and I freaked

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It feels amazing I want it everyday, don't touch the middle though... that hurts to a lot of girls.

During sex you can do what ever you want until she or he tells you to stop.

Rub the boobs softly squeezing very softly. You could lick or kiss her boobs if she says so.

If she doesn't ask, it will mean a lot to her that you care to ask.

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Great, go do it to someone in the street and they will love you to death.

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