Why Do Teenage Boys Want To Touch Girls Breasts?


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I'm a 13 yr old girl, I wear size 36DD and all my guy friends r always starring or squeezing my chest and they never stop.
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When theyre teens, they have all these hormones going on and they have urges, I think its called arousal. This also happens to girls.
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It's not just the teenage males who want to touch boobs.  All males do.  And it's not just boobs that they want to touch.  They want to touch everything you'll let them touch.
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Its just natural for boys to want to touch but you better make sure when you touch the girl thinks it is ok because no means no
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Teenage boys have hit puberty and they are interested in girls so they have to be interested in sex and touching breasts
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I  don't  touch  any girl  only  if  she  wanted me to and  we were in  a  relationship together
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We like it coz it gives erection to our..., and to share some special and private moments and memorial with your beauty
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My boyfriend likes it ...he has touched them before ...showing that it happened unknowingly ...but eventually he wanted it to happen...he loves to talk about boobs on cell ph. ...he says I should have a 36 size instead of 34 ...they look  so small
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Because it gives them a thrill. Heck I am 41 years old and I still like touching them myself but on women not girls.
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Men like boobs, because they don't have it... People always like what they don't have...  Like how girls liketo handle and lick our penis...
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What about lesbians and gays they like what they have and like other people that have what they have
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Its part of their Natural Growth Cycle. Boys want to be sexual and touch girls breasts because its their Natural Growth Cycle. A Girls natural growth cycle is to grow Breasts and Have her period. There is a book (for girls) that explains a lot about it but boys could read it to if they were curious. Heres the book title and link:

Title: A Girls Guide to Life

Link: www.amazon.com
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Not all of them do. But for most teenage boys, touching is a way to experience new things sexually and get to know their partner's body better.
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Maybe they want to touch your breast because they are just curios about it but don't let the guys touch your breast because that's one of your private part of your body,,,,,and tell that to them...
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Because they are soft and can do whatever you want like squeezing, licking and touching. They can reacte if you do things to it.... It is so much fun...
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Possibly cause (most) guys don't have breasts! It's foregin to them, so it fascinating and fun. Thats what I think. I'm a girl though so I don't actually know.
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Because they don't have their own=) also, they can seduce the girl into the thing they want most, sex=)
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Because they are big and round! I don't know what it feels like though. I have had a boy eye my A40 breasts
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Tis is so foolish..... All stupid boys are dog they don know how to beleive wit girls.... We should  kill kill kill those boys.... Mudinchavaki, molla mari,, better he can do wit a prosecute,,,,

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