Where to go when you have no mother or woman in your life to talk you where you do not have to pay? I always remain the emotional rock in my endeavors but have no one to talk to for myself. I always need be supporting and positive to pump up others


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Try your Church or local Social Services for counseling services available to you. I would gladly help you if I lived closer to you as this is what my education and experience is in with over 30+ years experience but doubt you live anywhere near central Florida
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Well you should talk to your best friend about you or someone you trust most in your life, means someone really special in your life. She may be your wife as well in future.
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I am a woman, and as I have said I have no one I can trust. I trued reaching out to a few woman but they are intot hemselves or they have kids and ignore me. There is noone personally that cares or sees me as significant. I do not seek meaningless relationships either, I seek faith but I deswerve to speak to someone as I put others dearest hearted issues in sacredness.

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