What would you suggest I do to try to get a date?

Hi, I have never dated before and want to start. I'm 24 years old and very shy. I still live with my parents but that's my choice right now until I'm ready to be on my own or with someone. I don't get out with friend much and always hang out with my mom because we have fun together. I want to start dating but have now clue where to start. I want to start dating so that one day I can get married and start a family. I know that the first guy I meet won't always be the one that I end up with. What are your tips or advice for someone who wants to start dating and has never dated before? 


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I can't read all that cos I have a very short attention span  :/ bring beer and or pizza and if you are a girl mascara is your friend.

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HI Anonymous!  You have a wonderful adventure ahead of you.  :)  First suggestion is lose the anonymous.  Be real.  Be honest. 

Second is to leave the house and go places you truly enjoy.  (Not necessarily your comfort zone, usual hangouts.)  But go places you find interesting, and you'll meet people with similar interests.

Strike up conversations, but stay safe.  You may want to go with a variety of friends, since different friends bring out different aspects of your personality.

Have a few opening conversations in mind.  Not too deep to make people uncomfortable,  "What do you do for fun?"

Listen.  Be positive, honest and engaged in the conversation,

Know your deal breakers.  Not the frivolous stuff, the real ones like drug & alcohol abuse, or temper outbursts.

Go slow.  Have fun!!!!!

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Join clubs, try amateur dramatics, take an interest in outdoor activities.

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Another book reading. GREAT!!!

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If you have only gotten that far in your life at that age, most likely you will never get married. Your best bet is to work on becoming rich, bc that will be your only option. God bless.

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Contrary to what this other poster advised you .. It is not too late for you, focusing on monetary wealth is NOT your only option .. Geesh!

You want to get out there and meet someone .. Then put yourself out THERE!  Join special interest clubs and socialize .. That is an option to get out and meet people.

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You can meet people at the library, at voluntary jobs, at charity events, local park, the gym, an evening course, to meet people you have to get out there and get involved.

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The most important thing is that you are happy with who you are. Once you start dating stay the person you are and gain to be the person you want to be. Don't let anybody change you, if you want to change it is up to you!

Don't force yourself to go on dates - it's all going to come naturally!

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