Is it really all about looks when it comes to trying to get a guy to like you?


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mitch nuez Profile
mitch nuez answered
Id say about 60 percent
michelle stoak Profile
michelle stoak answered
Some girls are that way and those r the whores!!
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Annie Labor
Annie Labor commented
Im not a whore, and dont believe im pretty or have a nice body because i dont. I just want this boy to like me for who i am.... I just dont think its possible
Scarlet Ford Profile
Scarlet Ford answered
Kinda and not kinda it depends on what kinda girl you are
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Annie Labor
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What is a good kinda girl? Would appreciate help on this one massively
Scarlet Ford
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Okay a girly girl.
I think the key to a relationship is the personalty.
A prissy girl or girly girl or a mean girl thats what the looks relie to.
A nice sweet funny girl dosnt care.
Becky Jiang Profile
Becky Jiang answered
No. At least, not the guys I know.
Taylor Brookes Profile
Taylor Brookes answered

Well, yes. You could have the most amazing personality ever, but if you look awful, no boys will come and talk to you and discover that amazing personality. Of course, if you just have looks and no personality, they will very quickly realise that and leave you alone. You have look half-nice for them to want to talk to you in the first place.

So no; it's not all about looks, but they are important for catching his attention - personality is what keeps him interested.

Maria Not Telling Profile
Yes and no looks arent a bad thing to have but i like to think my personality gets the guys to like me
Jacob Oller Profile
Jacob Oller answered
Yes an no! If a girl  has the looks but not the personality then all she is good for is showing off. If she has both then its the best becasue you can show her off an actully be able to carry a convo with her

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