Why doesn't my boyfriend ever text me back? We are both thirteen so I know he isn't having sex or anything like that. My brother is usually with him because they are friends and he lives across the street from me. Does anyone have any advice?


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Knock on his door and see what is up with him not texting you back.
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Typical 13 yr old guy here, although he may say youre his GF, hes more into being a boy carefree and un committed. Guys this young arent relationship material, sorry, and just can't commit to anything but eating and having fun which is teens should NOT be in any romantic relationship til theyre at least 16. All this really doesnt make sense to any 13  year old guy so expect this as girls are really the last thing on their minds but in a few years, you probably will wish he was like this again, trust me but he really just hasnt discovereed girls yet and you just dontt mean all that much to him like having fun does
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Youre an exception and thats great but so many arent which is why we have 10 yr olds on here asking about what to do now that theyre pregnant so you are the exception and not the norm but you are cool
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Well we all ave different opinions and mine might change and it might not lets just leave it at that. It was nice debating with you
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Yes, you too

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