I Know My Bf Loves Me But He Doesn't Send Me Any Cute Text Messages Or Says He Loves Me Regularly.I Don't Need To Be Reassured But I Just Like The Attention. He Calls Me Bro And G Unit Like I'm His Mate And I Don't Like It. Am I Over Reacting?


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Not at all. You need to understand that if you want something from him, you're going to have to tell him straight up. He's not a mind reader. Tell him what you want and expect, then ask him what he wants and expects, and hopefully they both add up. But if they don't, then your relationship won't last. You will quickly get bored with him and your eye will gravitate and land on someone who DOES give you that kind of attention. My boyfriend at the beginning was doing the same thing and calling me as he calls his friends. I quickly let him know, that though I love him and though we get along fine, that I am not his homie. I told him "I'm your girlfriend not your bro so you're going to have to pay me a different kind of respect." Since then, he has never referred to me as "Mo'Fugga" or any kind of hoodrat name. LOL. So like I said, if he loves you, he'll make some sacrifices for you. If not. Then it's not really love and you should accept it. Hope this helped.
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It sounds like he is a child. Ask him if he calls his buddies sweetie or baby. You can tell him that it makes you worry about his sexual preference, because only someone that like boys would call a girl bro, or whatever. "How do you see me as a guy? Do you feel the same with me as you do when you are with a guy?" If you do this, I bet he will quickly change. I'm sure he's as homophobic as all young boys are, and you will also get a good laugh out of it. You may have to do it in front of his friends. That would be really funny!
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Hey man my boyfriend calls me BRO! I like it , sorry to say. But we have been together for 3 months now and we both came from really serious relationships where our hearts got blown to pieces. Also in those past relationships we called our mates always by honey, babe, or some crap like that! Never did me and my ex use each others names! So now with my new man its hard to call him babe, honey or least for now anyway. I don't know if your man is a great guy, and he makes you laugh ,and your proud he is yours, then why does it matter what you call each other?
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You need to let him know thats not ok to treat you like a friend you might end up as just a friend if you let him put you into that category.
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I don't think you are overaccting at all.. Sometimes people just want to know that they are appreciated and loved... Its not your fault for feeling this way
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No, your totally not "over reacting", its just that you need more attention and you might want to ask him as CASUALLY as possible. Just ask why he hasn't been treating you like a princess anymore like he used too?!
Just wait a couple days because he might have a problem that is scaring him and stopping him from treating you like a princess. Try to make him talk about and get him to cry because that will always help.
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No, no. You've got to tell him how you feel. In a relationship, you've got to be honest. (and I learned that the hard way) if you think your over reacting your wrong. It's him. If you don't love him, break up. If you do, honesty is the best way to go.
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I know what you're talking husband sometimes talks to me like that bacause he is just so use to talking to his guy friends that way. Maybe thats whats happening with your boyfriend. You need to let him know how you feel when he talks to you that way tell him that he makes you feel like you are just his freind not his girlfriend and ask him how he feels for you if he just sees you as a friend because thats how hes making you feel
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Yes you r over reacting actually so boys want to show a serious attitude to there bu but it doesn't means that he don't love you. Just tell him about your likes and dislikes I think you find him more loving next time...
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No your not! Wow no! My ex guy used to do that he would always be like yo bro or bro this it was so frustrating and annoying! He should at least call you babe or baby or something! I would seriously talk to him about it
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Yeah you are over reacting guys don't say I love you as much because they want to look cool....and if you know he still likes you then its all cool
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Yeah you are over reacting guys don't say I love you as much because they want to look cool....and if you know he still likes you then its all cool
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Ask For Him To Please Use Your Name And It Would Make You Feel Much Better As A Person And That You Love Him .....
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You have to tel him how you feel because the relationship is not going to get anywhere with out communication and honesty.
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No way are you over reacting! You have the right to do that. Your bf should not be calling you his bro or G-unit that is not what a girlfriend is. He should tell you he loves you on a daily bassis.
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Nope I would 2  heck I aint got a bf and my best guy friend shows way more interest in me  he tells me he loves daily
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No you are not!Where got boyfriend call his girlfriend bro or G Unit one?Boyfriend usually calls girlfriend Darling or by name.No offence!sorry...just like my stead,he calls me sometimes by name or Darling
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yeah, sure he does. But he doesnt know how to show it. Maybe he's not a sweet type of guy but he loves you a lot.and maybe hes just shy to show it to everybody especially to you, instead he's calling you that names coz maybe he feel comfortable calling you that. That also doesnt mean your over reacting, I know how you feel. But yeah, just let him do what ever he wants to do as long as he loves you. And the easiest way is to ask him, why is he calling you that? And does he loves you and ask him in personal not in text, call or in chat. Hope it'll help you.... Hope you the best!

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