There is a boy I'm deeply in love with but he has a girlfriend and he kissed me and he told me he loves me and wants to have sex. His girlfriend looks like a man and I really don't like her from day one. I really love him, what do I do?


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Honey, if he has a girlfriend, regardless of what she looks like, he's kissed you, and told you he wants to have sex, guess what.....he just wants to have sex....steer clear, he has a girlfriend! I bet, just bet, if you have sex with him....he doesn't talk to you anymore, js.

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Well, first of all... If he says he loves you, why is he still in a relationship with someone else?

The fact that he kissed you and said he wants to have sex with you, doesn't actually show that he loves you. He certainly likes you but let's not confuse lust with love.

He might be scared to leave his current girlfriend because he does not want to hurt her, but this behaviour comes across as being disrespectful. I think the fact that he mentioned sex might show where is real interests lie... I would say just be careful and think twice because you're surely involved emotionally at a deep level but... Can you say the same thing about him?

See if he breaks up with his girlfriend first... You should be someone's first choice, not a reserve choice or an occasional lover to have fun with. It is important if he says he loves you, but I would look more for actions rather than words. Everybody has their own way to show their love, but that's precisely the point: They show it rather than merely say it.

Best of luck!

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He's right, he wants to have sex, unfortunately it's with anyone who will say yes and he's hoping you will. That doesn't mean he'll break up with the girl, it doesn't mean he's in love with you. It just means he wants to have sex. If you say yes he will get it then you won't see him again until he's desperate for it again enough to use you for sex a second time. If you want to be an available vessel for him thats up to you but I'd say no thanks and find someone you can develop a relationship with before you even think of sex. 

Boys haven't changed in a thousand years so take my advice because its the right thing to do.

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