I Like A Boy But He Has A Girlfriend And Does Not Like Me Back What Should I Do?


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Sweetheart...you need to look at yourself and start to love yourself.  Don't ever think that you are ugly...and get over this guy.  If it's clear that he's not interested, you should move on.  It's not worth it.  And one friend...that's all we need in life...  When you get older, you'll realize that, one friend is plenty.  "friend"  people mistaken the word all the time.  It takes a lot to be a friend....real friend with someone.  You need to care, love and ready to stand by that person no matter what!  Good time and bad time.  If you have only one person who is willing to do that for you, you're lucky!  My dad  told me once... People come and go...friend...stick around no matter what. And he is right!!  Hope this help cheer you up a little!!
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Very important : Don't let his rejection of you change who you are as person. You are beautiful just how you are and your self-being should not be defined by a guy.
Guys will come and go in your life, and there will be some pretty cute ones, but don't let this one drag you down.
Depression is easy to fall into when you're at this stage. Do something nice for yourself. Surround yourself with girlfriends (encouraging ones - not ones that will drag this out) that will help you with this.
Also, do not become angry or hateful at him or his current girlfriend. This will only make you look like a grump and will turn him off in the future if he ever breaks up with his current girl.
Keep a smile on. There are a lot of fish in the sea and revenge never helps. Chin up! And bear it like a girl! :-)
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It you know that he have a girlfriend and he is happy with her. Then I would say don't get your hope up high for this guy. You can find you someone that will like you. You got to stop putting yourself down by thinking you are ugly. Its time to forget this guy and moved on.
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Yeah but I got a letter from my school saying I am over weight
I can fit my mothers clothes for crying out loud and I am 11
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If you don't love yourself, nobody else will. Hold your head up high and go on with life.
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The best thing is forget him. And don't judge yourself just because he doesn't like you back! You should gain your confidence. You are not ugly okay? There are tons of guys out there, maybe there are also guys who like you, but they don't have guts to tell you that. Just forget him, he is not worth it for you. I know that is not easy but there's nothing to lose if you try.
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Never ever self judge yourself as you will always be wrong. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder so go with what others think and not yourself. Remember God doesnt make junk and we are all beautiful in our own way
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Make him get jeliouse with one of your guy friends ! Oh yeah !1 he would be so jeiliouse and then you guys might have a chance together ! [oh yeah also don't make it to obviouse of course]
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Don't tell your self that you are ugly.
Everybody feels that way about them selvlfs.
Make them jelouse.
Walk the walk and talk the talk gurl=]
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I am not ugly i a m fat
like 40 pounds overweight
even the paper from my school says i am fat
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*Don't tell *yourself that you are ugly.
Everybody feels that way about *themselves.
Make them *jealous.
Walk the walk*, and talk the talk*, *girl. :)
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I have the same problem and I know how it feels ! He's just like me, just as goofy,stupid,technologically
advanced, and we have a lot of the same interests.Although, he has a girlfriend that lasted for about 3 yrs. And still has her,but I don't see how they hooked up and why! His name is Harrison, and he's so INCREDIBLY CUTE!!!!! You kinda want to be around him to flirt and lead on, even if he knows you like him,
but at the same time you don't want to be around him incase you do something weird or offend his girlfriend,right? I feel sorry for you ! I would just try to forget about him and find was that help us increase our self confidence !
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Well 3 choices hack his profile pretend to be his girlfriend and break up with him then when hes upset about the break up get into him
2. Make new hot guy friends and make him jealous and make sure he knows that you two are just frendz ( I know this might not work because you might fall in love with the new hot guys )
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I do like a so cute boy but I do not know if he likes me back I'm 13 and so is he what should I do? He is so cute lol
Things always happen for a reason...
But yet you have to let him go cause you got to be treated like a queen not the side dish.
Trust me prettyboys are trouble and drama you don't need that you need a solid man.

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