I Like A Boy And He Likes Me Too. He Just Wants To Be Friends Though. What Should I Do?


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If a guy you like says he "just wants to be friends" with you, there are two things you can do:

  • Accept his decision and move on.
  • Fight to try and change his mind.
You mentioned in your question that the guy likes you too - so perhaps there's something you can do to get him to see you as more than just a friend!

A guy likes me, but just wants to be friends A guy might tell you he wants to stay friends for a number of different reasons:

  • He might be in another relationship
  • He might not think of you in 'that' way
  • He might feel awkward or shy about taking things further
  • There might be something else holding him back
Finding out what's stopping this guy from becoming your boyfriend is key to working out how to proceed.

Try asking him why he doesn't want to take his feelings for you any further, as this might be the easiest way to get a straight answer.

Getting a guy to be more than just friends
If you don't want to be so upfront about things, you could try taking a more 'covert' approach.

You could try getting the guy in question to appreciate different sides of you, which might make him realize his feelings go further than just simple friendship.

Guys are very visual, so you may want to change how you dress or how you do your hair when you're around him. This will make him wake up and notice your physical appeal.

As friends, try and spend more time having genuine fun with each other. Make an effort to get into the hobbies and interests he's involved in. This will make him realize how compatible you two are, and how great a proper relationship might be.
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Liking and disliking is a natural phenomenon, which is present in every individual of the world.

It may show up in different ways, but it definitely exists in every person. It sound like you are confused about what you should do, but I can explain this question in the following way:

The best thing is that you should not develop your thoughts further and keep your links up to friendship only.

If you can't help going in further relations, then talk to the man in straightforward terms and try to break your relations gradually.

In this way, you will get time to balance yourself for your future life.
I hope this will solve your problem and you will be able to decide well.
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Just tell him how you feel sweetheart; that will make it better.
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You see, if you like someone and they don't love you the same way you do, then it's neither their fault nor yours.

Love happens anywhere, at any place, and has no time and no boundaries.

Love is free from all restrictions and bonds which ties it together. It is a feeling which can be developed any time, and you can never make out why you love that special someone so much.

Love is a blessing, all those people who have a chance to be in love are lucky. They have the chance to experience the most beautiful feeling of human nature.

The point is, if you love someone and he doesn't like you in the same way, I think it's his fault.
He says he just wants to be your friend, but does he want to continue the relationship?

If you spend time with him, try and help him whenever he needs help.
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I think you should ask him to go out with you if you truly like him.
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Just ask him out. If he realy llikes you, he will go out wth you. If he doesn't, it's his loss.
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Try to be friends and see where it takes the friendship. Good luck.
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Friendship is a part of love, so if you like him, you can make friends with him first.
Maybe he just needs some time to accept you as a loved one!
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Start out as friends to begin with and see where it takes you. Friends first is best.

If you go a very long time wanting more and he's not offfering more, then you will have to make a decision of "are you going to keep on with this and hurt? Or can you accept just being friends and know nothing is coming from it?"

You may need to cut your ties, because if your heart gets broken, then that is really bad.
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He's probably scared, or maybe not ready. Just go along with being friends for a start, and see where it goes from there.

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