I have a male bestfriend and I really like him.There are times where I think that he likes me too even though he told me we are friends.I also get jealous to some of his female friends.I don't want to be jealous like this, what should I do?


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You curb your jealousy by realizing that he is just your friend - nothing more / nothing less. If you want him as a boyfriend, then you need to talk to him about this. Otherwise, you should never be jealous of anyone's friends.

You're not competing for anything. If you want him to do something with you and he's busy, then you find something else to do with your time. Your social calendar should never be ruled by one person. If he's your only friend, then that's something you need to work on. It's not his mission to keep you happy and busy. That's on you.

The sooner you realize this, the better your life will be. Be happy and productive on your own. You want your friendship to enrich someone's life, not be a noose around their neck.

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I can understand why you are jealous, it's natural to be if you have a crush on someone at school. (Believe me, I know how it feels.) Sometimes I put intentions into my crush's actions that makes it seem like he doesn't like me. But that's just hormones (according to some) playing mind tricks.

Sometimes, you need to force yourself a little to stop being jealous. You aren't dating him, so you can't really be angry at him...

Complicated stuff... Just know that what your feeling is natural, but never let it out on the people he's talking to.

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