Me and my crush know that we like each other (he asked me and said that he liked me too) but people think I like his best friend. I don't want him to get the wrong idea. What should I do? And no rude comments please. Thanks


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First, it doesn't matter what others thinks, you keep to your feeling & enjoy your relation. Secondly, it's a great moment anyway, "Fake friends believe in rumors, true friends believe in you" this feeling is something between you & him, if a relation suppose to be destroyed by a simple rumor, its better to be ended as soon as possible. He won't get any wrong idea cause he need to believe in what "you" saying to him directly, if he don't, or get doubts or get impressed  by the rumors, then he's not a promising person nor a suit person for you. The first stand of a relation is "Trust" if it don't be there, a relation can stand strong & won't work. 

You guys already talked to each other, you know his feelings, he knows your feelings, if  you guys didn't spent enough long time together, talk to him about it one more time, then wait for the result, if he believed you, means things are serious, if he didn't believed & stood by the rumors then leave him right away.

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People have a natural yearning for things that are exciting. It probably is more fun for them to talk about a "conspiracy theory", it makes them look prudent and discerning. The more you fight it, the more gas you will be putting on the fire for them (smile). The bible says Eccl 7:21,22 "Also, do not take to heart every word that people say; otherwise, you may hear your servant calling down evil on you; for you well know in your heart that many times you yourself have called down evil on others."

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