I like my crush, and I know that he likes me back...But, we're both really way to nervous to talk to each other, what should I do???? Or, since my best friend is trying to get us together, how should she get him to talk to me?


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Don't wait for him to talk to you and don't make other people make him talk to you. You have to take action into your own hands and do it yourself. It'll show that you are mature and responsible for your own actions.

I know that you are scared and all but if the guy already likes you, there really isn't much you can do to mess things up with him. Just relax and be yourself. Don't think too much about how if you do something stupid things will all go down and it'll be the end of the world. For one, it won't be the end of the world. And number two, he wouldn't think that you are not a worthy person just because you did one stupid mistake. Plus since he likes you too, he won't judge you harshly because of it either. Just think about it, if he did something kind of stupid like fumble around or say something that came out funny, would you think that he's a awful person and stop liking him? Of course not! And that's exactly how he'll be with you. So step up, don't be shy, and just go for it.

If you don't know what to say, you can always start out with "hi, how are you?" It is a cliche, but cliches and cliches because they work. Unless he is a rude jerk (who you shouldn't even be liking in the first place), it would force him to pay some attention to you and at least answer your question. Then you can further ask him what he's doing right now, that one assignment that you guys totally hated or liked, what his plans are over the weekend, or whatever simple small talk stuff you can think of. It may feel awkward at first but keep going at it. I know that it's weird to talk to your crush about random stuff. Even though I do take my own advice, it's still a little weird for me too. And remember to talk about different things each time. Don't just talk about the same thing over and over again or else it might get boring. My problem with this in particular is that with my crush, I always end up talking about our club activities or telling him to do work for our club (I'm the president and he's the secretary) and I feel like he does get kind of bored of it. Although, I'm still trying to get my crush to like me while that part is already taken cared of for you, so it might be different for you, might not be. But take precaution and try to vary your conversations.

Anyway, I hoped this helped some. Good luck!!!

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Oh my God.  I had the exact problem. Just wait a little bit and just try to get closer to him sit in his table in front of him or beside him and act like u don't like him.  Ask one of his best friends  questions about the boy that you like and the boy's best friend will tell him that you asked him questions about him. And soon he will like you and ask you out that is what happened to me.=]

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