My Boyfriend Ex Is Pregnant, Ever Since She Found Out About Me She's Trying Everything To Get Him Back. We've Been Together For Five Months. He Is Trying His Best To Support Her But She Continue To Make Him And I Look Bad. What Should I Do?


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This is a very difficult situation you are in. Think about it, the child always comes first, or at least should. Think long and hard if you want this heartache in your life right now. Maybe give him some space to think things over for now
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Well, she is pragnent and you sure don't want to mess this for her being a girl, now I know that its a sad feeling to see all this happening. But I will rather suggest you to stay calm and quiet and wait for all this to get over..... You are with him only for the last 5 months which is not a long duration to know someone, but yes, you can fall for him evn in one day of time..... But now is not the right time for you to talk about this all to him or her.....

If she has realized that leaving him was a wrong decision that she made then let her do her best and he is to decide which side he should be on... You have to wait for sometime till this thing gets over as if you at all speak about him being with her at this time when he is already confused and burdened will hell lot of things then he might lose it all and may take a wrong decision..... Instead be with him for the time being and show that you love truly and after its all being taken care of and he is relaxed, tell him about your feeling of this whole experience and if he at all is meant to be with you, he will be and if he's not then don't try to hold him back as you are at your best doing what you can to have him with you.....

And we all know that after a relation ends its a hard thing moving on leaving that person behind, you are bound to carry the feelings for the person unless and until you are away and completely out of touch and in this case it might take some time as he just splitted with her months back.....

Take care....
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You should leave him alone. If he's still entertaining her to the point where its causing problems, he still loves her. As one woman to another you should step aside. This woman must be lonely, going through a pregnancy without the father of the child? Do you have children? If so you would understand, if not I see why you don't understand. How pregnant is she that she wants him back?has she been pregnant the entire time you've been dating? I'd be cautious of a man who jumps from one unresolved situation into another. Whatever the case maybe, he will do the same thing to you.
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Get a paternity test more than likely she's lying or he isn't the father.. Just a thought
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I am going through the same hell too.  I got back together with my ex boyfriend that I dated for 3 years on a off.  We lost touch for three years and got back together a month and a half ago after finding each other again.  We had both just gotten out of relationships.  Everything was going perfectly, we are both single parents, and our children who had grown up together in our relationship were so happy to be in each other's lives.
About a week and a half ago, he got a call from his ex, who is a psycho, that she was pregnant.  Straight up she asked for money.  Didn't even discuss having the child with him, wanted an abortion, which he adamantly doesn't believe in.  He told me the news and begged me to stay with him, he didn't want this to ruin our future and that he loved me and my child.  I told him after getting over the initial shock, that I would stand by him.
Now a week and a half later, he told me he thought we should break up because even though they weren't having the child, he had too much going on.   That he was in love with me, but didn't think the timing was good for us.
First off, he doesn't know if this child is his, second the fact that she was so preoccupied with money and not even considering having the child is totally fishy.  She came out with this news, as soon as she found out we were together.  At this point I am not sure what is real and what isn't.  By the end of the night, he wanted to stay together and I feel so lost.  I feel like what we had is destroyed because he holds so much guilt about his ex's choice to have the abortion.
I have a history with this man and before this we talked marriage and saw each other almost every day.  Now I barely hear from him, am in constant fear he will break up with me, it's terrible.  I don't wish this on anyone.
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I would be very dubious about being in a relationship where the guy has made another girl pregnant. They had unprotected sex - and maybe with others too. If you are having unprotected sex then you are at great risk from sti's and getting pregnant. If you are considering a longer term relationship with him remember he will already now have financial commitment to his baby for years and years.

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