I've been dating a man for a year now. He has 6 kids with his ex. According to him he hasn't been intimate with his ex in 5 years. But at first he said she couldn't know about us (he said she would try to fight me and keep kids away). She is supposedly in a 4 year relationship with another man. Now we live together, she lets him come see the kids. Today he says he's gonna spend time with the kids but tells me to drop him down the block to avoid conflict. Is it me or is something not adding up?


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It does sound like enough time has passed for things to be more civilized. It is possible that she has issues, and would get upset seeing her ex with another woman, but the arrangement you've described doesn't sound like a healthy setup in the long run.

If nothing else, it'll be confusing for the kids, as you're going to have to be part of their lives in some way....

I would suggest speaking to your partner to get to the bottom of this. Don't feel bad for bringing it up, it's your right!

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Wow I would change that in a hurry. Why settle for hiding in the woods you are a grown up not a teenager. Tell him this, If he wants you in his life it needs to be out of the closet. Hiding is not the life for you. He needs to be a man and support you in his life or he needs to be out of a relationship that he has to hide as though its wrong. You both deserve it. Give him two weeks to work it out. Tell him we can discuss the best way to let it out to" BRUNHILDA", but it needs resolving because she is holding you both hostage and that is unacceptable. 

If he pays child support for these kids, the court is responsible to support that, not at the risk of your relationship. He is a wimp if he doesn't get this and you should move on he is not treating you with the value you deserve.

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