I Need To Impress My Ex-boyfriend With A 'Thank You For Your Love' Gift. What Should I Get? I'd Like Something Nice For Him To Remember Me By; Something He Will Always Have. Thanks. It's A Off & On 19 Year Relationship Which Is Over Now (for Him At Least).


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Carolyn Jones answered
By the sounds of it you still have feelings for your ex but he has moved on. 19 years is a long time to be 'off and on' and since you've never quite managed to settle down, now would be the time to let go. There is obviously something stopping this relationship from working.

I understand that you want to say thanks to him, but perhaps this is really just s selfish way of saying 'don't forget me'. After all you are out to 'impress him'. He's not going to forget you. He will always have great memories of you together and you are obviously a big part of his life.

Consider that it may be very awkward for his new partner if you buy him something which really symbolises the love you still have for him. You can't win him over with pretty or thoughtful things any more, but you can give him your friendship.

If you give him your friendship he will never have to remember you because he won't forget, and if you're smart you can both keep it forever.
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I would not get him anything. Maybe just stop contacting him for a while, let him know your life is doing good, that might make him want to see you more and contact you more, and he'll probably start to miss you. You never know he might want to get back together with you. You know the saying "play hard to get". Let him chase you and call you. Don't be the one to always call him and make plans with him. Show him you are independent and have other things going for you and he might see that and come back to you if it was meant to be, but sometimes 2 people weren't meant to be together. If this doesn't work what I said above, it may hurt because you love him but you may need to move on.

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