Im 13 and im in love with this boy. I have liked him for 3 years and never stop thinking about him. He likes me too. He is gonna ask me out but i dont wnt to until it actually means something. Like at 16. What should i do?


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I would have to agree with janey, just be friends. Liking him shouldnt get in the way of a good friendship. But does he know you like him? If he doesnt know you do, play hard to get and act like you are great friends, and thats the only chemistry going on between you two. But don't act mean, or push the detail of being best friends, or else he may get afraid or shy, and back off. Let HIM make the first move. He will when he's ready for it, just be patient. But trust me, if he likes you for you, HE'LL make the first move.
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I think you've answered your own Q here Claudia.I think you should just stay as friends and then if he does ask, only go out with him if it actually means something.
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If he asks you out, tell him what you told us. You don't want a fickle relationship, so you want to wait. Make sure you tell him you do like him tho.
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You should tots go out with him if you like each other

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