My bestie has a boyfriend and its her first time. She just loves him. But now he asked me out. No way iam gonna accept him but then what should i do? If i tell this to her, she is gonna be the saddest one and i cannot see her like that.


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You have to tell your bestie if you haven't already. I was in the same situation with my best friend. I thought she would be mad at me, but she was only mad at the guy who made a move on me. She thanked me later. If this guy loved your bestie, he wouldn't be talking to you. Your bestie deserves someone who truly loves her

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Your assumption is that by not accepting his indiscretion, he will simply  . . . STOP.

He will find another, best to address this with your friend and save her from departing from a greater entanglment.

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All knowledge is learning,

There fore good.

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