My mom's boyfriend told me she's gonna divorce her husband 'cause he's cheating but asked me not to tell my bf. What should I do?


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first of all when you say bf do you mean best friend or boyfriend but to answer your question you should do what your heart and instincts says to do and own it

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Wait, wait, WHAT ? Your mom has a boyfriend (which suggests she is cheating) and you know about it.. So it's obviously no big secret .. And is concerned about her husband's cheating?  I am surprised your boyfriend or best friend (or whatever it is you are referring to as BF) or your mothers husband for that matter doesn't already know .. this would be inevitable.

If it's only the divorce "news" that he is concerned about, then that is something best left for your mom to deal with. 

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Sarah Pearse
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I mean my boyfriend's mom not my mom's boyfriend. It was a mistake.
Bikergirl Anonymous
Doesn't really make much difference .. Still messed up people with messed up values.
Bikergirl Anonymous
Not sure why she would tell you such a thing in confidence .. that is definitely confusing. There really is nothing for YOU to "do" .. let her deal with her own family issues. It will all come out and your boyfriend should hear about this from her.
Personally, I would have encouraged her to at least tell her son (your boyfriend) herself, because I would feel obligated to HIM to tell that he needs to talk to HER.
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I am assuming you are meaning your boyfriends MOM is leaving her husband because he is cheating on her and asked you to not tell her son... Aka your boyfriend. She should not be confiding in a child nor should she be telling you to keep things from your boyfriend. She needs to find a friend her own age to talk to. What you do is stay out of it. Pretend like the conversation never happened. You refuse to listen to her if she tries to bring it up again. And if your boyfriend asks, you can not lie. You tell him yes you knew but you chose to stay out of it and asked his mom to respect your wishes not to talk to her about it. The mom needs to grow up.

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