What should I do if my boyfriends brother just found out that we had sex and told his mom, and she talked to him about it last night and now he wants me to tell my mom today...I would tell her but my 19 year old sister got pregnant last year?


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Kinda late now and its best your Mom hears this from you instead of theu the grapevine or second hand. Whats been done is done and you can't change it and expect your Mom to go ballistic here especially of what has happened in the past and you should have thought about all this before you did it. So if you think you were old and mature enough to have sex then be old and mature enoughb to accept the responsibility band consequences that go along with it. Maybe with a little luck, this may not be as bad as you trhink but just tell her and get it over with and accept whatever happens next
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I'd tell her.
Actions have consequences and if she hears it from someone else... Wow-.-!

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