How Come The Good Girls Always Fall For The Bad Boys?


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I liked the bad boys too for a while, but after being hurt a bunch of times you realize that the shy quiet guys are the keepers...
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Most of the time im the one to break it off... Thank goodness
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Then the girls that reside in my region must be naive and inexperienced. I'm as coy as they get yet no one finds me appealing. And its not my looks either. I'm in a currently in a program for Model Development. Perhaps you can tell me what my problem is?
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Negative ends are always looking to meet. For example, one who is incarcerated looks for emancipation. Go Figure.
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I have had the same experience. My reason, I think, was that I was so tired of my parents trying to control my life that I wanted to take control of it and rebel against them, prove them wrong. But I should've listened to them. The first 'bad boy' I dated was also my first kiss. I loved him a lot... Long and not so mice story but in the end... He didn't care at all... To put it simply... He broke my heart, into a million little pieces.
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i think most womens like a edge to a man,that ability of not knowing that ruffness to a man,who would actually wont a guy that has no edge to them.
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Yeah i was like that until i met the guy i'm with now. When i started seeing him, alot of my friends were like "i'm surprised you fell for him,because you always go for bad boys ...and he isn't "-and yet HE was that one i fell in love with!:)I think with "bad boys", you know they are only going to stick around for a limited time, so you can have that spontaneity and that excitement and fall for that player charm, and just basically enjoy yourself with them and not care about what will happen if you do this, that, and the other... I actually think every girl should go through a "bad boy phase" coz with them it's all about living for now and not caring about the consequences and just doing it for the hell of it, and for the danger and the excitement of it...and then you have a time of your life you can look back on and say "f*ck that was fun"!! Life is for living, and they certainly teach ya how to do that!!. It's a highly addictive way to live ;)
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Bringing balance to the universe , are you talking about it
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Well, i've fallen for one, two, or three. I get the good grades, they get below average. But, when you really think about it, it's just like the saying, opposites attract.
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Hold on. I disagree with myself. I f the girl who likes a bad boy had a bad father, then that would explain why she's attracted to him. Bad boys, would obviously mistreat the girl, somewhat similar to how she's treated by her hurtful or abusive father. A girl sometimes may go for a man that has some of the small or big attributes that her father was missing. But most, like myself look for guys that are like their fathers. I just have a Derek Jeter picture up because I'm a huge fan.

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