Why do guys chose the wrong girls?


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We don't choose the wrong girls we just choose them for the wrong reasons as most of us rather then using our heads/ hearts we use something in between our legs. 8)
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They don't choose the wrong girls. Some just don't choose who you wish for them to. They will have to learn the hard way sometimes but trust me its the same for girls.
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Seriously, some guys are just stupid. They think with their *beep* instead of their brain most times... And most of my guy friends say it's the girl's fault for making them think that way. Ugh, no, I don't think so. It's just embedded within their hormonal instincts and girl's know it. No wrong in that. Lol! But guys choose the wrong chick because they don't seem to see what else is out their instead of lust. Good luck.
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For the same reasons that girls choose the wrong guys.  This seems  to be the proverbile question.  But it seems to be one, who we are enfactuated to v. The one that is right for us.  Unfortunately we seem to hang on to the ones we are sexually stimulated by ... Forgetting nor giving time to those who we find nice.  So it is not only guys that chose the wrong girls, it is also girls who chose the wrong guys!
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Guys are stupid. End of story.
TONY JOHN answered
Because most guys chose out of lust not with a real intention...they may thing they just want to play with her like a sex object but hey before they knew it they are already swimming in real love that which will be difficult for them to fall out....can explain more @....+2348138092434
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For the wrong reasons. I mean honestly most guys just want a hot girl who appears to be nice (although some girls I've noticed act super nice and sweet to their boyfriend but to other girls and some guys they act snobby and stuck up and rude!) and guys aren't really that smart when it comes to relationships so they don't even know that their girl acts one way around them and a totally different side of her is revealed to others.

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Girls and guys choose each other. It's basically hit and miss until you find the right person. IMO
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Because when you chose  a girl you chose her by face you don't know him well, so when you talk to her and know her than you should make any decision
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Same reason girls choose the wrong guys.  A challenge, mindless sexual attraction, low self esteem, fear of commitment, any of these hit home?
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Guys go after girls who theyb think will give them what they want. Many btimes its by reputation or word of mouth but thats all little boys ever want

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