Why Do Nice Guys Never Get The Girl?


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Nice guys rarely get the girl because they are too nice to be pushy or smart enough to get themselves noticed. Many people do not feel that they deserve to be with someone nice and exist in relationships in which they are abused or treated poorly, because they feel that is what they deserve.

HOWEVER, I feel that I am a nice guy and I've never had a problem getting a girl. Nice girls too, smart, beautiful, sexy.
I believe that people confuse 'nice guy' with poor social skills, poor communication and poor hygiene!

Nice doesn't mean being a wet blanket. You still need self confidence and to be a good person. But girls aren't interested in wet blankets, you need to be outgoing, interested in what they have to say and able to look them in the eye when you speak to them (rather than looking elsewhere).
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But nice guys do get the girls. Most girls would much rather have a nice man as a partner.
It's a myth that nice men don't get the girls and women. We generally would always choose a nice man with manners, respectful attitude and caring ways. This doesn't mean that you have to be dull, quite the contrary. Nice men are fun, interesting, intelligent and great to be with. It all depends on the individual and of course the sort of girls you are meeting. Perhaps you're not going to the right places. Some women like the idea of non - nice guys but small doses of them just make girls appreciate the nice guys even more.
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that is nowhere NEAR true. Girls actually DO prefer the perverted pricks, but just will not admit it. I think that girls just need to get a friggin reality check. If they go for the flashy asshole jocks, they are going to wind up pregnant, and abortion is just plain friggin sick! These jerks WILL ruin your lives. Put you brain where it should be, in your head, and give a nice guy a damn chance! He doesnt have to be an idealistic guy, he could be a complete loser and a freak, but he wont destroy your chance at life just to get screwed. Nice guys care about you, no matter what. All the peanut- brained jock want is to do you. I have sat and watched this happen for years, I see it everywhere,and what is the most painful is knowing that if she would have chosen me, it would have happened to her. It kills me, im tired of it! And one last thing: that excuse girls come up with- "im not good enough for him." There just shallow, that's all.;(
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I am afraid that it is a fact of life that some women are attracted to men who in no way could be described as nice. Consider the women who associate with men that they know to be criminal, violent, corrupt, uncaring and of low moral standards. Some women are also attracted by men solely because they are rich or hold positions of power. These types of women just get a kick out of being with someone whom they see as exciting. Invariably though, liaisons such as these seldom last very long. In general, nice guys do get the girl. The majority of women like to be treated with kindness, respect and consideration by their men. So the concept of nice guys never getting the girl is really a misguided one.
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Depends on the guy the guy I currently like is sweet heart when talking to me but when talking to other people

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