Why do guys rape girls?


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Megan,that is really ways to say bit with different reasons! It depends on how the boys are brought up , what clothes the girl is wearing ( that's becoz  the boy is too attracted) and maybe the girl denied to boy to marry him or something so he just r****her that's the reasons!

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Lance Malarky
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WHAT???? It has nothing to do with how a person is brought up, what she is wearing or anything like that. Where did you learn that from?
There are many reasons a man may rape a girl. The number one being, because he is a sick b....... The other and primary reason would be to do with power and control. Its a physcological thing, which also has many factors to it.
For example the person may be on drugs or drunk. That same person may not carry out that act had they been clear headed.
There are too many variables in which the circumstances could equate for someone to carry out an act of rape, and that ridiculous answer doesn't even cover one of them.

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