Why Do Girls Like Bad Boys Attractive?


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It's pretty complicated. Some girls find it more fun with them. You get where I'm going? Some girls find "bad boys" more spontaneous in a way. Then sort of make the first move big headed and full of confidence. As for the "nice guys" they tend to be shy and some girls don't really like that. What occurs to a girl's mind when having a " nice guy" ask, the girl thinks, " When is he going to ask me?" That's the most surveyed question. "Bad boys" are straight forward as I said so they tend to just ask and give girls " A fun time" . Some girls intend for that. If this is too confusing, then I am sorry. DD:
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Its hard to explain . Girls like when they are with bad boys because thay never know what is going to happen next or what they will do next. But with shy guys who are totally predictable, they really don't have them as a boyfriend, as they know what they will do next. But most bad are rude, and ignore you, insult them and even when things they do are great say they are awful, this makes all girls who like bad boys hate them.
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Some girls find bad boys to be attractive, but there is a reasonable explanation for why this is true.  Its not because they are bad boys, its more because the exhibit confidence.  Its true, they can be less try which can make it socially easier for the girl, which also goes back to confidence, and lastly - some girls are more into guys that are unpredictable rather than ordinary.  But overall - not all girls like bad boys.  Its more of a dominant generalization in culture these days.   Here's an article about flirting and what girls find attractive.
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Some girls are just attracted to boys who do whatever they want and act daring and unpredictable. (Not all girls go for this though, like me)

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Wellll....I don't think it's necessarily "Bad Boys". I think girls just like guys who are confident in themselves. Shy guys are...shy and you know, don't have as much confidence and sureness like Bad Boys do. Also it's because some girls like being spontaneous and bad boys are usually unpredictable. So I don't think the guys have to be bad to get a girl...just sure of themselves and a little outgoing. That's all we're asking for.

Oh and be funny too. Always love a little humor.

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Bad boys are more fun than stupid little guys that are scared to talk in class. I love bad guys, because they're funny and they're in trouble all the time :D

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Because they are self confident, often handsome, kinda dangerous and represent challenge. And because of that smile some people call the ''come here baby smile''
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Because they are risktakers and they do not like rules plus their parents hate him so that makes the girl want him more.

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