What Do Girls Look For In Boys?


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Well, this is something that a girl would only be able to answer perfectly, but with all my experiences in store all I can say is that, most of the girls look for a confident guy, who along with his own can easily bare the responsibility of her as well, who can comfort her, protect her whenever needed, who can understand when to hold on and when to let go.... He should be capable of completely understanding the girl at any state of his life, no matter what they both are going through... And above all a true heart is the most important thing that any girl would search for.. And it's not an easy find now-a-days.... Being in love with a girl, whom I'm going to propose tomorrow meanseverything to me, and I'm sure that I have all these things on my side, and that's why I'm confident.... Understanding and thoughtfullness, with a coating of truthfulness and honesty is what I believe a girl looks fo in a guy... Or a woman looks for in a man....
I hope its helpful.....
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Some girls look for different types of guys like I look for a guy that will care about you, comfort you when your sad or upset. If you need them they will stop everything they are doing and will come to you. We want a guy that will tell us we are beautiful and if anyone says something about that they will stand up for you and not just laugh along. We look for someone who will be 100% honest with us and call us every day and text us when he isn't by our side. We want someone that can make us laugh.
Other preppy stuck up bitchy girls look for guys that are totally hot!!! They don't care if they treat them wrong. And they look for the more popular guys like the ones on the football teams or the star of the basketball team they don't give a crap about personality.
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Although many people are different in prefrences and personality... I look for a guy who is funny, caring, nice, and really just himself. (Of course this is just my personal outlook :]). Be yourself around them, if you get the impression that they might not feel the same...well, then they're not the right one for you.TRUST YOURSELF & TRUST YOUR HEART. :)

I really hoped this helped.. If not I do sincerly apologize!! :P
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Romance, kindness. :)
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Someone who is hilarious, confident, generous, nice, and smart in their own way. Someone who acts like themselves. Some who plays sports and is actively fit. A guy who cares and would do anything for you. A guy who romantic :) hope this helps.
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Well girls like guys that are nice, funny, cute, caring,honest,loving,sweet! Girls don't like  guys that always want to do what they want to do and girls don't like it  wen guys try to act cool even wen their not also girls don't like it wen guys never pay attention 2 them
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Girls just want a guy who will care for them, be loyal, and will always be willing to listen to them. Of course, there's a catch. The guy has to be "her type". He has to have a personality she's looking for, and she has to at least know a little about him. Also, looks don't matter to her if a guy's personality makes a big impact on her. Other than that, she still should find you to at least look presentable. Some girls could care less about more popular or handsome guys. It's always the personality that makes the cut.
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What I look for in a guy is that he has to be cute, but sometimes looks don't matter. I look for a guy who is kind and offers protection. A guy who comforts me when I'm upset. A guy who stands up for me. Someone who loves me. Someone who won't lie. Someone who won't cheat. Someone who will take care of me when I'm sick. A guy who is neat. A guy who won't leave me, helpless. A guy who will cook for me when I've had a hard day but, this is just my opinion. Some girls might feel different.
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It all kinda depends on the girl. But if she's like me, she's looking for someone who's going to be there when she really needs him. Someone who will drop everything if she's in trouble and listen to her problems without contradiction or pushing on their own oppinions. Someone who will show that they really do care, and someone who doesn't mind putting a little cash into making her happy when she's down. Some girls want someone who is going to let them boss their guy around, but sometimes you got to step in and say that you're pretty smart and know how to help. Someone who'll tell this girl that she doesn't have to face her problems alone. If you like her, the best thing you can do is show it by being the best friend any girl every had. Good luck ;)
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It depends on the girl honestly. Some girls like honest smart nice guys, some guys like athletic good-looking guys regardless of their iq. You can't really generalize all girls into one category of what they find attractive in men. They obviously though want a guy who cares for and about them and with a good sense of humor.

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Personally I think girls look for really sweet guys that love to flirt and will always have your back through thick or thin
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Girls want this-

1. Chocie!!!!
2. Dates that are romantic just a table for 2
3. At the cinema hold her hand
4. Protection
5. Some one for ever
6. Someone who wont leave her for someone else
7. Someone who loves em and its not just for the coolness
8. Someone who listens

9. If you are very cute and romantic offer to pay for EVERYTHING at dates

back to no 6. I left this one because of Chappers (Sam) who dumpted his gf Lozern (Lauren) after hearing rumors that Lozern was going out wiv MurphyBoy (Conner)

so if your crush is going out wiv someone don't say anything to brake em up because theyll soon realise xx from the point of a girl me cococlypso (Chloe) Hopes this helps all you out there xx

c+r=foveva (R=Rowan my bf) xx love you bbe xx
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For some girls, a lot of them want guys who are athletic and good looking and such, but most want guys who care and listen.
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Most girls like a hot guy with a nice body ( abbs they want to lick) and that wont lie to them. They know they can trust them. And green eyes on boys means loyal blue means horibble. (according to some psychics)
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Its all stupid....girls only want a boy who would only only only love her.....give her happiness.....n you....NOT FORGET HER BIRTHDAY.....or proposing day...or any other day....a gal want on who would love her...
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Well for me, what I look for in a guy is for him to actually like me if we do date. But the guy has to have a good personality, doesn't act like a jerk in front or to girls. Funny, cute, sporty...etc
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I personally look for huge eyes. Funny, random and himself and not a second dad (overprotective over who I talk to to) tall and owns a skateboard.
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This question was posted 2 years ago.. But anyway, the answer depends on the girl... I like a man who loves me even at my ugliest day. And who loves rock as much as I do..
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To be honest the main thing
girls look for is looks but...
You got too have the personality aswell
and girls love boys that give them attention
it makes the girls feel noticed
but sum girls do only look for looks :) xx
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Most girls judge a guy by him being hot but what if hes stupid??? Anyway, I would say the number 1 thing on my list would be kindness then a sense of humor, cute, compassionate, caring, and relatable.

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