How Do Girls Feel When Boys Look At Them?


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This is an interesting question and the experience would vary depending on the girl and boy in question. More importantly, it would depend on the manner in which the boy is looking at the girl.

If a youngster is blatantly staring at a girl, it is bound to make her feel uncomfortable. In this case, the guy better brace himself for either a tight slap or an earful. Under no circumstances is staring acceptable. On the other hand, small glances at the girl accompanied by a flirty or friendly smile may be welcome if the girl is interested in you. You could smile across the room and maybe catch her eye for a moment but be sure not to come across as too eager. Keep yourself alert to subtle signals that the girl is open to such advances. She will reciprocate in some way. For instance, she may play with her hair or smile right back at you.

Be sure to read her body language right or you might end up in a lot of trouble. Most importantly, remember to keep it light and have fun.
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According to nature normal girls feel pleasure and satisfied when boys look at them. Secondly, the major factor involved in the perceiving the act depends a lot on the age, and family background. Most of the families are too cruel to their girl kids that it seems they are jailed in the strong walls of rules and ethics.

But nature speaks that boys want to meet girls and girls want to see boys. Opposite attracts. Both genders have a magnetism built in for each other as a basic touch or passion.

Girls have the tendency to develop a strong urge to be pampered, to be loved, to be cared and to be praised. This is at the best of satisfaction level if it is from the boys and especially the boy they find attractive most or love. This is what makes them loveable and delicate. Girls provide enchanting colours to this world that why, every boy find to grab them all but society made some rules and ethics to be followed in that concern. Which are almost known to every girl and boy who is called the limitations. But nature to attract remains there and makes every girl loveable and every boy a person to offer him. This makes the life beautiful.
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Great answer. Amazing interpretation of society and basic social desires of human beings. I like it when you use the word "nature", it forces everyone to think on a whole different level.
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I like it when cute guys look at me. It makes you feel good about yourself! It gives me that... Energy to make it thru the day and think hey there is a guy looking at me. I wonder what he is thinking! It's sorta weird/creepy/ stalker ish when a guy keeps staring at you. Haha hopes that helps you out!(:
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As the previous people have already said, Each type of girl reacts differently. Although, If I do say so myself I'm quite attractive. I have a lot of boys interested in me. When I get stared at by a boy I do tend to show off a bit. For example, Play with my hair, or make short glances in his direction and smile. I am a natural flirt though.
Whereas a less attractive girl would react completely differently.
Hope I helped!
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Some of you all are idiots ...
I am a girl
IF he is cute and we crush on him its a honor
If he is a fag and ugly we will slap you on the face or knee you really hard  in a place that isn't right
we have vey sensitive feelings we take almost everything personaly
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When any good-looking guy looks at me, especially if I notice he's looking at me in a certain way, or more than a few times, I immediately think about the possibility of he and I doing it. Sometimes the thought of the guy controlling all of my movements and using me anyway he wants to in bed is too much to handle when I'm bored at school and I just have to go use the restroom lol. In fact, onetime a really hot guy was checking me out relentlessly and flirting continuously, so I simply gave him a dirty look and pulled down my low-cut shirt to reveal my D-cup breasts in my pink bra. Needless to say, he loved it. That really hot guy now happens to be my boyfriend. He's a senior in high school and I'm a junior, and everything is going great. My only complaint: He is so close to being too big for me. But, we're working on it almost every weekend, and I'm getting used to his size ;)
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That depends on the kind of girls...If they are easy going type they won't care whether they are being watched or not. If they are romantic they feel a bit proud and happy to be watched. If they are very conventional they feel uncomfortably. And if the girl is courageous she would confront you directly. If she is shy she would hesitate even to look at you. Thus girls can't be assessed so easily!
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It depends on the girl, and so you know ime a girl ad ive done it before but sometimes when a guy stares at a girl the think you might like them (thats how rumers start) and she tells ALL of her friends and then you end up lookin like a weirdo...
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I think girls like when boys looks at them , but it depends on who it is for instance I like when boys looks at me because I know what most of them want but their not going to get it
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It depends... If the person like this guy.  If I liked the guy I would feel really happy and nervous at the same time!
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Well, honestly, I am a more attractive girl than not, and when not-so-hot guys stare at me, I feel creeped out! But when a hottie's staring at me, I feel really confident, and really good, and just, well, pleased with myself! Hope I helped!
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Well,it depends but I natrually get shy then stare back when hes not looking.but I feel happy and flatterd,only if I think hes cute
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I feel so happy when  a boy  looks at me......boys can stare normal  sometimes but that doesn't mean they don't like you. It means they like you but they don't want to show it :-)

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Well there's a boy in my class that i like, (but he doesnt really care about me) and he plays soccer, and I'm a sporty girl and so do I. 

If I take a good shot he looks at me and says something like,  'great kick!'  And then  Ijust smile and say thanks but inside I feel so happy, And I cant believe it :D

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I feel special and if it's my boyfriend I get all dizzy and look lie a dummy staring back. :P
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Well if the guy looks like a creep they get freaked out. If the guy is hott were flattered. If the guy looks nice we just might approach him.hope that answers your question
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It depends on the situation, if you just stare at the girl for no reason, then she will be disgusted by your actions but if you stare at her and smile, then she will feel comfortable around you

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