Why Do Boys Like Cheating On Girls?


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The truth is that guys cheat on women for a number of reasons. The main thing is you shouldn't put up with it!
Whatever excuses he gives you, the trust will never be the same.

I wouldn't get too hung up about 'why' he cheated on you, but then again I'm the kind of gal who doesn't take messing around lightly!

If you're interested to know why guys cheat on girls, here are some of the reasons:

Why boys cheat on girls

The main reason is because they haven't grown up yet. Guys often get into a relationship, and then realize they still want to act like they did when they were free and single.

Lots of times, they are too scared to give up on all the loving they're getting at home, but they also don't want to give up on the rush and excitement of meeting and shacking up with other women.

This kind of behavior is usually applauded by other guys in their group, when in actual fact I think cheating is something to be ashamed of.

Why are guys cheaters

You always hear guys saying that 'men need sex more than women'. As a woman with a high libido, I can guarantee that this theory is not correct!

Yes, I'll admit, some of the guys I have known in my time were very sexual - but I'd say that everyone has the power to chose between wrong and right: Cheating is definitely wrong.

One of my female friends once told me that she believes any man would cheat if he had the opportunity and thought he could get away with it. I'd like to think that is not true- or maybe I have too much faith in men!
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Boys cheat on girls because they have nothing better to do than try and get the prettiest girls they can get!
Half of them just use you for money, sex- and in the end they hurt you!
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Guys don't see things like we do.
They all have like ADD when it comes to girls, you could be with them and they'll be like "Oooo look at her!"
Not all guys are like that though- I have a lot of guy friends who would rather die than cheat...

Just watch out for those cheaters though, and if you know you're going to date one be VERY careful and try not to get hurt.
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For some reason, they think that cheating makes them more manly. I have never gone through that situation, and I don't want to either. BEWARE of those guys.
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Because they may think that if you won't give in and do what they want you to do, then they'll find someone else behind your back who will.
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Men are created differently than woman. They are much more sex-oriented and sex-driven than us women.
When approached with a potential sexual encounter, their minds are overtaken with sexual thoughts and they sometimes cannot control their behavior.

Even priests who are sworn to celibacy are overcome with sexual desires at some instances. Sex is a strong drive in a human, especially for a man.

Women always keep a little bit of their brain active when contemplating a sexual affair. They can be just completely overcome and have a sexual encounter, but usually a woman feels an attraction for the man.
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Not all boys/men cheat on girls, do not generalize.
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To answer your question, I honestly don't think men do it to hurt women....because if they did they would not try to hide what they are doing.

Another thing, it's not just guys that cheat..women do it too! They might do it more than men... Who knows!

All I'm saying is it depends on that person and how they are feeling during the time they are going to cheat.

Maybe the guy has been hurt in the past and wants to get back at the girl, maybe he feels like he's missing out on what other guys are getting, maybe it's pressure to show his friends he still can catch.

It could be a number of reasons..you just have to ask that person why because everyone has their own reason for cheating.
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It is not always the case, but some boys cheat. In my opinion it's not because they are boys, but rather it's an instinctive nature.
So not all boys like cheating on girls.
Don't worry.
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Everyone is human, some guys just want to experiment with their sex lives.
Just choose wisely - someone who you know will respect and love you the way you want them to.
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You girls are stupid.
You act like sex is the only thing a guy wants. Stop being ignorant because you couldn't find a good guy.
Men don't always cheat, and if they do, they have reasons.
Plus, women cheat as much as men and at one time, more then men.
So stop being ignorant.
Go find a loyal guy instead of the cheating ones!
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Because boys will do ANYTHING to have sex.
Or do sexual things.
I got cheated on- I don't know when, but I found out today and have been crying for 6 hours.

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