Why Do Guys Like To Tickle Girls So Much?


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It is not that guys like tickling girls, it's that guys like touching girls in a way that makes them feel good. What could be more obvious that it feels good than laughter. The fact that some girls do not like to be tickled makes not sense to males. Why would you not like something that feels good?
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Thanx so much. I have this crush that used to sit with me in math and he tickled me and laughed and wouldn't stop. My friend told him that i liked him and of course i wanted her to. He looked at me and when i realized he was looking at me i would look at him and he would quickly look the other way. Now i sit kinda next to him so i guess i can get the clues. Thanx sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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It is a flirt, and a reason to touch the girl.

You can not just touch a girl for no reason.(This could be sexual harrassment)

If the tickling becomes holding then the flirting was welcome, if the tickling continues instead of holding it could be they are uncomfortable with holding
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I'm a woman and I love to tickle my bf and he loves to tickle me :-D
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Well idc that my boyfriend tickles me its just where he tickles me is sometimes a problem. But I'm a very ticklish person and I like being tickled. Lol
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Because they like to hear them laugh . 
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Boys want to know girls better, but they do not know where to start in most cases, so they will try anything to get you to notice them.  Take care.
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Lol..they get kicks out of it from the reaction from our faces
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It’s A control thing we like having you in our arms at our mercy, being tickled makes girls UNCONTROLLABLE laugh though it might sound weird or stupid it is not its science. As we are tickling you we are also excising control over you A girl can’t control her laughter but A guy can control when he decides to tickle A girl most guys aren’t aware of this consciously or subconsciously its primal but some men, alpha males do know, its actually a tip to get A girl to begin to SUBMIT to you. So next thing you’ll know you will be cooking dinner for him or doing his dishes then just ironing his shirts or some light dusting before you know it you’re moved in cleaning his entire home AND then bending to his every demand which includes sexually submitting to all his wishes. After that its love honour and what’s the last one to oh yeah that’s right OBEY but its alright being submissive is built deep into every women’s core drive & they should ALL be shown in school (&  I say shown not taught because you can't teach them something that’s already in there nature, its like teaching them how to cook & clean or A guy to watch sports & drink beer)to be the perfect obedient, loving, respectful, submissive girls (same as when boys are young should be couched on how to be dominating, strong  honourable, assertive MEN, because that’s our nature that’s our core drive) Guys you shouldn’t fell bad or deny your primal or animal instincts we are hunters we are alpha males As girls shouldn’t want to be feminists because they fell they have A duty to girl power but know this:  It is ok to be A non-assertive housewife in fact its better because realising  the truth now will make your love life easer because you can explain to the guy “I was taught what my place is” the guy will love you for it. But it is also okay to be ticklish, easier for the guy to domesticate you not that he should be needing any help  so ladies laugh & laugh away...  

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