How Do You Know If A Guy Really Cares About You?


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I cannot say this enough, but Love is an action word, if he doesn't show love then how can he be in love? Remember that what's in your heart will eventually come out. For example, if I'm a generous person in my heart, people will know what kind of person I am, because of my actions towards other people, remember that what's inside of you will come ou,t so If your a mean, jealous, or hateful person it will come out by your actions.
Hope this was helpful good luck!!!
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In general its said that girls show affection in words and guys show it in touch. If he loves you he will find a way to show you he cares
or maybe he has been and you have been looking for it in other places
so maybe try paying more attention to other things he does like what he sacrifices for you  ( like ditching his friends for you or going out to do something that he hates for you etc ) its most helpful (.. And really hard) to look at it from his point of view to see this reasoning for things
after you look at your relationship from many angles you can get a better answer to know how he feels, if all of this is done and you still aren't sure about it, try bringing it up , or if you feel weird about bringing it up
then hint to him by when he does something you really appreciate , let him know.
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This all depends on if it is a Romantic Relationship vs. A Friendship or Family Relationship. I suspect you mean romantic, but here are a few ways to tell.

1. They want to spend a lot of time with you. Just as you wish to be with them all the time, you will notice this in them. If they care about you they will make an effort to get to know you.
2. They will do things for you unasked. Sometimes they may even make you or buy you gifts of affection. This can be anything from a card to a present for a special occasion, such as a birthday. If they remember your birthday, they definitely have you in mind.
3. They may scoot towards you and physically get closer. Hugging is a sign of affection and emotion between two people. If you hug frequently emotion will develop. If you are hugging once when you meet and another when you say good-bye, there is affection between the both of you.
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Ask one of his friends to ask him. And if he says he cares about you.Then good. =] and if he says no. Dump him. I'm sorry if you really like him. This has happened to me. And I wish it never did. You get over him eventually with a bunch of crying. But if he says no hes not right for you.
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Well this weird ting happened where I got really sick for like 2 weeks and then my bud emailed me and said that this guy missed me and cared about me, even though he's always mean to me. So I guess if he says it, even if it's not to your face he does.
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Well I think that he will show you that he cares, aand he would do anything to protect you, he will have little nicknames for you . He will smile at you everytime you see him :)

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