Why It Is Illegal For Me A 15 Year Old About To Be 16 To Day A Guy Thats 20-21?


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WOW. Are you totally serious? Let me give you some advice...guys are dogs and usually only want one thing. You are 15 young lady and you should not even begin to think twice about doing this. You will make a huge mistake if you do this. Dont believe this guy if he tells you...o i love you pooky; i adore the ground you walk on. He is more than likely, lying to you. I am a guy and believe me, a lot of guys have the wrong intentions in mind when it comes to girls and dating. I made some mistakes in my life and i am just trying to help you not make that same mistake. Enjoy your young teen years. On a side note; this is against the law and sex before marriage is totally against the will of God. I hope you choose to not do this. Rich
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You are still a child per the law and he is a man, and been around the block, and he will be having sex with his child still trying to raise you but having sex with you at the same time, think about yourself and not getting into a relationship without giving it some thought that is the reason for the law you are not old enough to think for yourself.....the best to you
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Because in todays world that's just the law. And also at 15-16 you may not be totally mature enough to deal with or understand all that it takes to be in a grown up relationship. Some kids say that they are mature enough and then go through it and realize they got used only a hell of alot faster than someone who was mature enough to deal with it. Too young, you would do better to date someone your age or at least 15-17 years of age. And besides you don't want to get someone locked up for statutory rape either.
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Because you are still a teen.. =D its in the LAW.. By the time you are no longer a teen.. It will no longer be illegal..

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