Is it possible for a 15 year old Asian guy to get with a white girl? It seems like all white girls like white guys.


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People have different tastes. Not all Caucasian women like Caucasian men....I think if you would venture to ask, most women just want someone who's honest and treats them well. That being said, have you tried asking someone out?

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I don't see any problem with it all. You just haven't met the right girl yet. That's all it is. Asian women are beautiful and exotic so just turn on the charm and go for it. Race matters not anymore. Just find that right girl and you'll be fine! You'll see!

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My husband is Asian and I'm white.  I know of many couples like that.  Be friendly and confident with everyone.  Make friends with girls first.  Usually that how things get started. 

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I've seen plenty. Just have to be confident, competent, and aggressive. A lot of the Asian guys that have worked for me are on the extremely passive side and at times socially awkward. I think it has to do with upbringing. My Asian friends use the term "beta bucks" to describe their situation. Their parents raised then to be obedient hard workers. Yes mom, yes dad, yes teacher, yes boss, and yes wife. I think most Caucasian girls prefer someone that's aggressive and know how to take the reigns. Some are different I'm sure. But this is just my opinion.

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Aggressive is a bit strong of a word here. As a female, I can say that I find aggressive men very, very unappealing.
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Yeah, but in this case for how passive many of the Asian engineers who worked for me are, being aggressive will bring them to just about normal.
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It sounds like your FIRST problem may be YOU.

If you are specifically looking for "a white girl", rather than substantial things like her personality and attitude ... Then girls may be picking up on YOUR shallowness, and it seems to them you are looking for a "trophy" rather than a girlfriend.

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If a girl isn't interested in you because you're Asian then she's not worth bothering with.  Have you asked yourself why it matters if a girl is white, Asian or Hispanic?  If you like her then it should be for the person she is not her race.

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