Do White Guys Like Asian Girls?


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Maybe it's the tight fit,because  Asian men  are normally small!
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If someone isn't racist to some degree, or just have really strong preferences, than something like that really shouldn't matter.

I like some Asian girls, while others not so much, really depends on the individual [girl I'm looking at ;-) ].
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White guys go wild when they are lucky enough to get an Asian girl.  They really do.
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I have to agree with that at some level! :)
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No... not really. Asian girls are small, flat, (from right and from behind) and they can't speak English.
Anybody can like anybody.
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Go ahead like asian girls they don't even got  a shape their flat but that ok for you white you don't have a dick so that cool for you guys
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Many white guys like Asian girls, I'm serious. I don't know why but they usually do. Many white guys actually marry Asian girls. I know quite a few of those.

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