How Do You Know If A Guy Is Falling In Love With You?


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You know if the guy is around you a lot, he texts you on his cell phone a lot, and/or flirts with. He might try to show off at stuff like sports, and his car and a lot of other stuff. Believe me, I'm a guy!!
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They  would probably hang around more than often trust me I know I have had a lot of people who have asked me out.and does he mess with you or your hair and says your name then says never mind and if you catch him looking at you.
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If all of a sudden he is starting to care what your doing when he's not around.most of the time he'll want to spend a lot more effort on you guys so he doesn't lose you to anyone else
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Savanna Elliott
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This may be true, however i have an ex who did the same thing and he turned out to be a psychotic, control with serious trust issues
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Read the book, "He's Just Not that Into You", by, Greg Behrendt. Excellent, honest book from a guys perspective. Truly, cannot recommend it highly enough. It will give you better advice than anyone here can.
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When anyone falls in love with anyone , then he things about her 24*7. If any one falling in love with me then she cares me. She understand can understand my feelings as well as my needs. Each and every time she will try to communicate me. If I need help then she help me . She loves me lot and she cares me lot. Same case will occur with a guy , who falling in love with someone special for him . Thank you
Thanks so much for all the advise.. I feel I am doing all the calling.. And text stuff. See he went through an unwanted divorce. And she is also trying to take his two kids. .so he is pretty bitter on her right now. Which may be the distance I feel when were together. I met him in the middle of all the drama he has going on. In his life. Thanks again.

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