I'm Married But Not In Love With Him Anymore And Now I'm Falling For Another Guy, What Do I Do?


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What happened here? Why is divorce always the first answer? First of all (and I've been there) if you are falling for another guy it is probably because you let the problems of your marriage go too long. Deal with yourself first, then your marriage. If this other guy was meant to be, then it will be after all is said and done. Otherwise you will just repeat the same cycle. I have three kids and almost divorced my husband thinking I would be with another guy. That was just a quick fix though. Now, I'm not saying I might not end up divorced, but at least I'll know I did it for the right reasons, and hopefully also have my kids see me doing the right things (and not getting nailed in court is also helpful). If you have kids, then you owe to yourself to try. As I've wrestled with this I realize many people have opinions, but mine is the only one that counts in my life!! I haven't felt a whole lot of love in a while now, but when we do things together and I force myself to have sex so that we can get connected again, then things aren't so bad. Go out to a movie and get a little tipsy -- see how you feel. There might be more hope then you think. Of course there are probably reasons you are feeling this way, and your husband has to take ownership of his portion of it. That is the problem, mine doesn't.
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I say get a divorce you only live once and you will regret it if you don't but if your husband still loves you let him down gently because if you stay with him you will end up breaking up anyway because you won't be happy which will make him unhappy and cause arguments!
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If you think that being with the other guy is something that would make you happier than your current situation. Be honest with your husband and explain. I know it's much easier said than done, but it would help. Quite frankly, divorce is probably the only answer.. Just be honest with your husband. Everything happens for a reason.
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I don't know if you believe in prayer, if you do God has the answer to everything. Also if you have a family, what do you have to give up and what will you gain. What makes you happy.  We must first be happy, and content with our own selfs or we can never make someone else happy or content..
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Divorce is the only honorable thing to do, unless you want to go into counseling to try and save the marriage.  The other guy is probably just a running away from the marriage thing.  A distraction from the real problem of marriage.
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Well I aint married but I would get a devours. I have heard my parents fight all the time and went through devors more than 3 times and just think about something and fake a big deal and get with the other guy.

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