What If Were Both Married And Find Myself Falling In Love With Him?


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If you are both married then it is best you stop putting yourself in a position where you could harm his marriage and your own. If there are children this is even more important. Often men will have an affair - until they are found out. The majority do not marry their mistress.
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RUN do not walk AWAY! What about your HUSBAND? Does he not count in all this? He is your husband and you are or should be committed to him. You took vows- did they include affairs on the side.
Do not get involved with a married man ~ he is not available. Rarely does a married man leave his family for his "girlfriend". And if he should remember he had an affair WITH you he can have one BEHIND YOUR BACK with someone else.
And what about this man's wife? How do you think she feels - or would if she doesn't yet know? She will find out. And do either of you have kids? What about them and their security? Have you thought about how this will affect them- how many hearts are lives will be broken.
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Don't do it. Nobody wins in these situations.
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It seems to me that you like to be hurt or to hurt others,just remember what goes around comes around, when it comes back around don't look for help as this will be what is called pay back, so with that said you make your own decision on what you feel you should do and the best to you......
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The best thing would be to stay away, you will save yourself from a lot of heartache,disappointment, & drama. Cause in the long run they always find out. It happend with my parents, & they would take it out on us the children, I'm still a little  traumatize from all the drama that happend, trust me it wasent good. But anyway we can all give you advice but your the only one that can decide what to do. Good luck to you and the families involved.

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