If You Were Hurt By Love What Would You Do After That?


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Many people are this way. They get hurt by love and it seems like every time they are falling in love again, the same thing or something very similar happens. As I understand, it is due to the choices we have made when finding that person to fall in love with.

Everybody needs somebody to be with, even if they tell you otherwise. What may help you is to look at the type of people you dated and fell in love with. Figure out what it was that attracted you to them. Then find a way to change that attraction. Go find a person who you would think you would be less attracted to. Your never to old to date. It just gets a little more tough to find dates as you get older (trust me). Some people find their soulmate very easily and many think they find their soulmates, only to figure out it isn't all that. Then they are looking to get a divorce. Keep trying, the right one is out there and it sounds like you are making good choices except by giving up.
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Tennyson quote 'It is better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all'. If you set your mind on never loving ever again, you will miss so much. You cannot protect your heart without becoming insensitive. If you want to live the rest of your life in neutral, that's fine. But if you want to experience the full ride of life you have to accept that occasionally you will stall or have to use reverse, if you will pardon my gear-changing analogy! Oh and of course sometimes you might crash completely, but after a recovery period, you'll be ready to start again, just remember not to keep driving up dead-ends.
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Not Shakespeare, From Alfred Lord Tennyson's poem

I hold it true, whate'er befall;
I feel it, when I sorrow most;
'Tis better to have loved and lost
Than never to have loved at all.
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Gosh, I stand corrected, grasshopper! If anyone had asked me if I knew any Tennyson I would have said 'nah...' in fact , to amend my silly mistake, I'm going to edit it....here it goes......NOW!
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I have been single for over ten years. My wife aborted our baby.so before I get into another relationship I wanted to know what's wrong with me.I never hit her ,nor cheated on her.She told me after it was done (her excuse)or justification I DON'T DESERVE A LIFE. I walked away a week later.Bottom line see what you can change about yourself.& know what your getting into & know the person best you can. I'll sign this one .TIME TO TAKE CHANCE WHILE I STILL HAVE A CHOICE....
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I have had the same experience, and told myself the same thing you just said.  I have learned, that no one relationship is the same, and by shutting people out, it only made me feel worse, and by doing that I was hurting others.  I came to the conclusion I want that type of person.  Don't shut anyone out.  Love it worth it, even if it hurts, and if you shut people out, you wont find the right one....
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I was also hurt by love..by loving someone so much and then one day find your self alone..first it wasn't easy for me to accept that fact..I always cry whenever I remember him..the memories keep hurting me...and then one day I realized that I also have my own life..that I should leave for my self..and find my own happiness..

Being hurt by love is not a reason to love again..but an inspiration to look for another..for some one who is brave enough to stay by your side forever..and for some one who will never get tired of loving you..
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If I was hurt by love, I would forget about love and anything to do with boys and go out with my friends and try to have fun and try to forget about everything..it has happened to me..and believe me..the time will come and you'll find someone else without even waiting for it and your life will change again..but after you're hurt you're going to be more paranoid and jealous and all that..but it's normal..so don't decide on anything..don't decide on not falling in love again..you never know when you will because the matter isn't in your hands..and I wish you all the best..love isn't pain..=)
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That's a tough because its your feelings.  I myself have been hurt, very hurt, was with a guy for almost 4 years and he got stupid, and left me and his 1 year old baby....I loved him so much!  I moved on to marry someone else but it never worked out and I found myself divorced 2 years later.....Happily I got back together with the guy who left me, he realized he was better with me then with out me...We have been back together for 5 years and have been happily married for 3 of those years and still going strong.  You have to listen to your heart, but believe there is someone out there for everyone, don't give up.
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Well me have got bad experience in love so me have thought will not fall in love. N when my heart was broken I made up my mind that its better be single than to mingle.
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I had a SUPER Cow Horse, a SUPER Cow Dog, and I'm STILL looking for a woman I can TRUST!
Well two out of three is not a bad average!!!
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If you are hurt by one instance it doesn't mean it happen every time, you need to get on with life. As ajinkya said you should be more enthusiastic.
All the best
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  I was also hurt by love..by loving someone so much..I don't know how to live my self without him....because I give all & whole my life to him... Because I think he is a right person at me..because of him I learn to sacrifice, I learn to understand... But after all I realized that it's bad to my self, to my study, and to my family...!!!    " so now I make my self happy without him....and try to move on in past, I try to live without him.... And believe me you forget the hurt if you move on the past and learn to face the new life...I sure you  that you find the right person in you heart...love you tell the end of your life...!!!" "and don't forget to smile the pain"   by; jen
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Oh my god.. My bff told me one day that she was chating with the guy she was in love (and she thought he was in love with her too, it looked like that, really) and he told her that he was in love of ANOTHER girl.. So she was crazy and hurt and all those things you can imagine but I told her that she doesnt have to worry about that, you have to let it flow people, and yes, it hurts but the things that hurts us help us find out what we really are and if someone breaks your heart, don't WORRY there is ALWAYS a chance to fix the broken hearts :) so I told you this because I've learned that love its hard to find but lucky to have :)
thanks, melissa
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My best friend took the girl that I liked I fell in love with her and then her friend told me that she would walk him to class and I got mad I got a stomach ache and my heart was hurt so I want to youtube and watched funny videos

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