Do We Have The Power To Love Those Who Hurt Us?


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Yes. The power is within us. Just depends on the choices you make, whether you want to seek revenge on those that hurt you or be willing to forgive and forget and show love.

Love has the power to change quite a lot of things, and you will be amazed to find out that it would change the person that has hurt you. So, I would suggest you to yes, love the person who has hurt you and let them know that it doesn't matter what they do, you would still love them for who they are. Eventually, over time, a sane person would of course realize his/her mistake.

See, God has the power to do that, love those that have hurt him and his children in many ways. He also forgives them. It is not much of a power, its will. You should also willingly do it.
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If you're in love with the one who hurts you first, then it's quite possible that you may continue loving them. As we know love is blind and although they are hurting us, we'll eventually see the goodness that everyone has within them. We have to be positive and wait for better times. One cannot just turn love off. If they hurt you before we get a chance to love them, then it'll be all the more harder to love them later, unless they change.
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Jasmin Licon
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I do believe we can love those who hurt us, the need to be so called love is great. We live to be love, rather than never been loved at all. Although, forgiving those who hurt repeatedly wears off, love is not enough to feel hurt all the time. At the end the hurt one ends up being a bitter person. In the end love hurts and is blind.
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To love those who hurt us depends on us and them.
If they tried to change themselves to the better, they might deserve it.
And if they forget it, it's hard to forget it but the power of forgiveness in our souls could heal in some cases.
So check how pink is your heart !
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Well what an exciting and interesting question that; do we have power to love those who hurt us?

Well in my brain there are many answers trying to seek out, but first I would say that love is something that makes you love someone or anyone, besides any reasons and traits. If you love someone, you do not love  because of something or some reason, love is love and love needs no reasons. So if you love someone, the love should be in such a way that, love your lover as he is and not as you want him.

Now answering that do we have the power to love those who hurt us? So the answer is that, yes we do have the power to love our beloved ones even if we are hurt. And I would strongly disagree with those who say that, no we do not have the power. When we are hurt by our beloved ones, even then we are constantly complaining and asking ourselves that why is he hurting? And that is part of love. I would say if one do not have the power to love even after being hurt than he is not a lover, he simply does not has any feelings for the person hurting him.

My comment on this fantastic question is that yes, we do have the power to love someone who is hurting us, and that is a part of love. We do feel that in future we would not get along with the person hurting us, but even then the ending happens getting hands in hands and love in heart. Just think can you hurt someone whom you love dearly??
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I would rather say, do we have the power to stop loving those who hurt is? Many of us stay in a relationship in which we are miserable, our partner constantly hurts us, yet we find ourselves unable to get out of it. These are abusive relationships and the best thing to do is to get out of them as soon as possible. Following are the signs that show you are in an abusive relationship,

Your Partner
• hurts you physically.
• Controls your life, the way your dress up, your choice of friends, your opinions.
• Humiliates you, puts you down but tells you she/he loves you.
• Threatens to harm you if you leave the relationship.
• Twists the truth to make you feel you are to blame for everything. Even if it's his fault, he makes you feel its your fault.
• Demands to know where you are at all times.
• Constantly becomes jealous or angry when you want to spend time with your friends.

If any of the above is true for your relationship, I would say don't seek the power to keep on loving him, instead look for strength to get out of the relationship.

Wish you all the best.
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Love is such a phenomenon which can change the moods, behavior, habits and personal dealings of people. Love has the power to change he behavior and attitude of even the most cruel and brutal person of the world. It can change different people in different times according to the circumstances. Power of the love can be explained in different ways and manners. You can simply say love has those powers even beyond our thoughts.
So far your question is concerned that do we have power to love those who hurt us, it is very obvious that we have the power to love those who hurt us. The only thing is that you will have to master your mind and eradicate those reasons and problems, which are the cause of hurting you. Once you remove those problems and reasons I am hundred percent sure that the other party will definitely stop hurting you. Through love even the most stupid person whom you think is unchangeable can be treated. So you can simply say you have a power to love those who hurt you.
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I myself am dealing with this very problem I am in a relationship that friends and family call abusive (verbal) even though I know in my heart they are right I cannot bring myself to accept it I find reasons to keep going because I don't want to lose him he his very hard on me I find myself crying a lot he says he loves me and I believe him but when I try to tell him how I feel he twists everything that I say and makes me feel stupid after a night of arguing and crying myself to sleep because he refuses to say he's sorry he will give me a kiss or say he loves me and that one little gesture will reel me back in so the answer to the question is if you love him you all ready know you do rather he has hurt you or not love has no boundrys
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Power that 's an ability, the right of us to love someone, but if we get hurt then still love, which is a sentiment of us and patience too, attraction is a kind of being loved, being deserved by loving,it depends on the character,and thought to realise, if we could still love by hurt, so it depends on what 's our willing, and toleration to love people when we get hurt.
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I really believe that my boyfriens Loves me a lot but like some of the things you said yes he does... He always twist the truth and he is jealous which I tend to get jealous too but we both should be able to trust each other cause he is the one who I want to be with. But he never threathened me or put his hands on me but some times he just doesnt believe me. I think that is his own insecurity. What Do You Think?
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Yes we have the power to love those who hurt us. The question is do we have the power to forgive those who hurt us.
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I had to make a choice once again in april of 2009,I have been engaged to this man 4 over 7 yrs and he is a heavy drinker. My daughter and I went 4 dinner over his house~which was the last time ive seen him or talked with him..I never thought it would be the last..we have kinda been on and off-we have a lot of trust issues----but have kinda worked them out---to have a thriving relationship.... Anyway, we had a talk about him gettin some help again and of course like always,he lied to me again,we followed him after we left and went into the store and my worse fear happened again~ he was buying more beer,,after he promised he would go back to aa to straighting his life up again..well I thought all that  night -I think it was april 26,2009 you it was..I sent him a tex,that with his drinking more n more everyday and it was gettin worse,that I was going to have to break it off until he grew up and was accountable for his actions..ive had to do this before...anyway I didnt hear anything back~~~until monday on april-27th he called me in the middle of the  night at 4:10 am...he was kinda outta breath and I'am like hello and he was telling some girl how she was sooo hot and gave the phone to her and shes like ~hello------and I was so hurt and in shock--I just wanted to die and I still do-- I have given this man over 7 yrs of my life--to be -what thrown away like I was trash..anyway he texed me the morning of the 28th of april--the same morning he screwed her and~~~ I quote~~~{{  I wasn't breathing heavy because of smoking its just you don't know wut kind of f__k you gave up~we started at 10:30pm and got done when we called ~~}} un-quote---and that morning was the morning of court--because , last yeart in feb-08 he hit me and was bein a jerk,because he was drunk and I caught him in the act,talkin with a old friend as he calls them ..yes I still love him -dearly-I'am a very forgivin person--or I try to be--2 yrs ago--I caught him cheatin with another girl,a very nasty cow of a girl--I confronted them both and he was drunk most of the time----so,I guess he thought that was a good excuse..his bestfriend-who is a drunk too...told me tim always had girls on the side---but that was always 1 of the trust issues...I know his still with that girl--who he screwed on the nites of the 27th and 28th...I also know shes very fat and ugly-compared to me- yes I'am still hurt and very bitter over everything..I'am depressed n lonely n scared,,because he was like my best friend too ,,so in turn--I emailed him last  night -because frist ,,he sent a friend requst on facebook-but I removed it--because he just wants to look at my profile to see what I'am doing...the judge put a order on him,not to have contact with me for 2 yrs--which I didn't know about--but he still blames me 4 everything.....well I love this man---you-we have had r ups n downs--but I still never thought I would lose my best friend n lover and I thought soul mates...anyway I e-mailed him to tell him I still love him and I wanted to make admends for my part over the last 7 yrs to--I guess clear the air 4 me-----but he wont even bother to giv me the time of day and  he e-mailed me back to say everything was my fault and he couldn't have anything to do with me..he said he was happy and he has a great oppunity in life now and 4 me to just let go and move on------I just wanted closure----yes a long story---sorry------but the answer to the question------yes we do have the power to love those who have hurt us in so many ways!  My question is  {{ do we have the power to quit hurtin so bad n to start all over again ~~even though we r dead on the inside~~}}?  Written by:::::  Dawn m...

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