How to know if you still have feelings for someone? Or if your over them?


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Well just think do you still care for that person?
Do you still do all the things you do when you first started dating?
Does the other person do those same thing for you?
Or do you just feel that connection with that person?
If you answered NO to most of these question that I think you and your partner need to take a break or just call it quits.
I hoped this helped, good luck with your partner.
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Eunice Kwarteng answered
Your emotions about someone are and can only be controlled by YOU. Someone else cannot tell you how you feel about someone. But just a common "theory" most people use is that if you have feelings for someone, you would always want to be with them and if it's the other way around, you wouldn't want any part of them. But no one can tell you what your emotions for someone are. Only you know. Goodie luck :)
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You don't need to know from any external source. It will be told by your heart beat
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If you posted that question your question not only answers itself but says to you that that person means something to you.
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Well if you still have feelings for them, you keep thinking about them and wondering what they are doing but if you don't anymore, you wouldn't care if you saw them walk past you lol.

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