Why Would Nature Have Most Women Reaching A Certain Age Lose Their Sex Drive While Men, Generally Speaking, Never Out Grow Their Sexual Desires?


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Actually sex drive is quite the opposite. On average, women's sex drive increases as she gets older and plateau's around 40, staying at the higher level. Men's sex drive starts dropping in their early 20's, and plummets as they get older. But life's burdens like taking care of children with no male help, working a day job and then having to slave away in the house at night can cause fatigue. Fatigue and lack of a caring, loving man is the main reason women don't participate in sex with their partner more often. Personally, I have never met a man who can keep up with my sex drive. Most men, after the inital excitement of a new relationship, don't really want sex that often. Thankfully, women have a plethora of battery operated devices to help.
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Very good! As said, there is no right or wrong answer but yours gives an interesting slant. My personal plight is another: I may have reached a physical age where my body doesn't respond as quickly or as often as my mind/imagination wants. Often in these situations a man thinks like a teenager but that's as far as it goes. Too many women, I have found, take refuge in their mechanical devices, or does without so as not to have to work harder at making things work. This is a man in his 70's speaking!
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There is no right or wrong answer for this question because each woman is different. However, when a person loses his or her sex drive, it is usually related to a hormonal change within the body or it could be because of an illness or mental trauma that the person experienced.

As a woman gets older, her hormones change. Especially in women who are nearing menopause. Such a rapid and drastic hormonal change can cause a woman to lose some or all of her sex drive. This can be cured with hormonal treatment or medications.

Another reason may be because of an illness. Sometimes when a woman is ill or is on some medications, she is able to lose her sex drive. Some medications clearly state that they will affect the woman's sex drive if taken. Therefore, some illnesses and some medications can alter a woman's sex drive.

Finally, if the woman has experienced something traumatic that is related to sex, she may lose her sex drive. If this is the case, then the problem would be considered a mental problem that is causing the loss of sexual drive.
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The same question has been asked by different people with different perspective but I think the answer carries the same words.

Sex is a truth and men and women are born with this distinction. Naturally they are attracted to each other. The passion of sex or the physical interaction has different levels according to age. The younger boys seem to be very much keen to be involved in such sexual or physical activity. This is because they are new to this feeling and want to experience this new change. They are naturally attracted to the opposite sex means girls are attracted to boys and the boys are attracted to girls.

Now the fact how to make them feel sexy depends upon how you present yourself to your partner. If you are interested to do the sexual activity willingly you will soon getting the right reflexes and urge to act from inside of you. Ask your partner what he like in sex or what he wants to hear feel or experience in sex, do it that way and enjoy. Try to achieve the ecstasy and keep yourself healthy enough to keep your interest alive in sex. If you are healthy enough and you know the way to achieve ecstasy you will never lose the urge to be involved in sex.

Have a healthy and enjoyable life.

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