Do Bald Men Have A Better Sex Drive?


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There's no scientific evidence that I can find to support the theory that bald men have a better sex drive. Essentially, I'd say that a stronger sex drive or libido is probably down to a number of factors including:
  • hormones
  • social factors
  • medication
  • lifestyle
  • personality
  • stress
Sex drive and baldness- what's the connection?

The main presumption that drives the theory behind bald men having a higher sex drive is the effect of hormones such as testosterone. This is because testosterone is though to have an effect on both male baldness and the sex drive.

The hormone that is usually linked to baldness is called DHT (dihydrotestosterone), and it is synthesized in the prostate, testes, adrenal glands and also in the hair follicles.

Although it's easy to see how hormones like testosterone have an effect on baldness and sex drive individually, scientists have found it difficult to prove that the two are somehow relative to each other.

Sexy bald men

Now that we've looked at the science part, we can move on to the more interesting job of trying to find examples of bald men who have a reportedly-high sex drive (admittedly, that part was rather tricky to prove...).

Here are two people I immediately thought of as examples of high-libido bald men, one from each side of the Atlantic:
I couldn't have picked anyone other then seminal 'baldy' Bruce Willis to represent the US. Considering he's had relationships with the Hollywood stunners listed below (and had a few kids here and there in the process), I'd say the star of movies like Pulp Fiction and G.I. Joe is more than qualified to represent the United States as a high-libido male.
Women Willis has been linked to include:
  • Demi Moore
  • Kim Cattrall
  • Brooke Burns
  • Aida Yespica
  • Emma Hemming

Representing the British Isles is the English actor Jake Wood who plays the character Max Branning in the UK's biggest TV soap: Eastenders. The character of Max Branning is that of a fiesty and rugged East Londoner that's had more than his fair share of love affairs.

Eastenders characters who have fallen for the smooth charms of this hairless hunk include the following:
  • Tanya Cross
  • Gemma Clewes
  • Stacey Slater
  • Ronnie Mitchell
  • Roxy Mitchell
  • Vanessa Gold
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So do bald men have better sex drive? Not necessarily.

Using testosterone doesn't necessarily make you go bald either. One of the hardest things to dispel is the relation of baldness related to sex hormones. With or without testosterone, the occurrence of baldness in men could range from 23 percent to 87 percent, and baldness could develop any time after teenage years.

Castration after the onset of puberty halts the progression of human balding, indicating that hormones must play a significant role.

Grown-up males treated because of a lack in testosterone with therapeutic injections of testosterone don't show the loss of hair, and there is no obvious change in the scalp hair of regular men who obtain testosterone.

In fact low testosterone may be a greater risk factor for increased balding than increased testosterone.

Male balding to the top of the head also seems to be connected more to lack of hormones rather than to excess testosterone.
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Not really. Anyone can have a better sex drive than anyone else.
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Not necessarily a better sex drive, but many tend to try a little bit harder to make up for what they consider to be a deficiency in their looks!
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They way I heard it was that if a man is bald in front, he's a lover; if he's bald in back, he's a thinker; and if he's bald all over he thinks he's a lover.

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