Do Men Age Better Than Women?


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Men do tend to age a little better than women do because of their thicker skin caused by their male hormones. This causes fewer wrinkles and keeps their skin looking younger for longer. However, there is also evidence to suggest that women sometimes do age better than men, though generally it is not as substantial as research showing men ageing better than women.

It all depends upon the individual, how much sun exposure the person has had, how many years a person has smoked, if at all and how much exercise a person does. All of these things contribute towards the ageing process and women who do not smoke, do not expose their body's to the sun too often, and who eat healthily and exercise regularly, often age just as well as men, if not better. So overall it depends on the individual but men have been proven to age better than most women.
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Pretty women 15-35 have the world at their knees,but after usually have the last laugh !
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That depends how they take care of thier bodies.  Smoker age lot faster than potato couch.  Work out low the aging.

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