Is it normal for a 13 year old girl to feel like a loser? My friend stole my crush. I'm flat. I just got braces. I'm a straight A student and I feel alone.


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Young girls just want attention.
And young guys are idiots.
I was just like you when i was thriteen.
I had unstyled hair, bad acne, i was fat, and flat chested.
But my friend was blonde, skinny, big but, and big D sized boobes.
Every guy i liked would always forget about me if she came around.
I felt alone and ugly.
It seemed like i was never going to get a boyfriend, and that guys would find me unattrative all my life.
But im seventeen now and fixing to be 18 and i have turned out to be very beautiful and now im wishing guys would just leave me alone.
You are going to turn into a beautiful girl when you get a little older.
Just be patient.
I know you want that time to be now, but trust me it will pay off way more than you could have ever imagined when it happens later rather than now.
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Its perrrfectly normal. Im 13 and I feel the exact same way sometimes. First of all, did your friend mean to steal your crush? If so, did she know you liked him already and did she like him too? First of all, girl code says that whoever saw him first gets the guy unless the guy likes the other girl. Second, being flat isn't totally bad. My friend is 13 and she has a DD bra size. She hates it. Having braces is actually really in style at my school. It seems all the really popular people have them. Having braces just means that you have to divert away from your mouth by making another area of your face (like your eyes) really pretty with eyeliner or eyeshadow or blush. Also, remember to brush your hair whenever you get a chance.
Last, love yourself! No one is going to like you if you don't love yourself now. Is there anyone who seems really nice that goes to your school? If so, start talking to them. Learn what they like and dislike and find out what you have in common. Start more conversations with what you have in common. Along the way, one of you might say something stupid which you can laugh about later. Soon, you'll have a new best friend.
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Yep, your normal, and we call that "hormones". Just keep breathing and know that the sun will rotate around the planet despite what your feeling and 'this too shall pass' which means you will not always be this way. The braces will come off, you will mature in the next 3 years and the duckling will become a swan and you will take your friends 'crush' eventually.
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You're only 13 so have plenty of time to find the perfect boy and anyway boys that age seem to like girls with big boobs and big bums. When they get to know you they soon realise its not about that and will soon see your beauty. 

Every one is beautiful you just need to have more confidence as no one can love you if you don't love your self.

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Ya i will be your friend im a huge loser i gess lol
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Sometimes yes but i happens but start tutoring especially in High School and youre going to become very popular real quick especially with the boys so be patient as better days are coming

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