What Do You Do When You Can't Sleep?


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Sleep does a lot more than just reinstate your energy levels. Investigation conducted on the human body has shown that lack of good night sleep can decrease your body's capability to fight infection. A lot of people face the problem of not getting proper sleep at night.

There are quiet a few things that you can do to counter insomnia, first and foremost see that your bedroom is positioned in a place which encourages sleep. Make sure that the temperature of your room is comfortable; it should not be too hot or too cold.

The human body normally takes in cues from whether it's dark or light, so try to keep the room dark to get comfortable sleep. Give the body little de-stressing before going to bed. Avoid watching scary movies, listening to loud music or action packed Television serials, etc. Performing exercises on daily basis should help you sleep better, but make sure that these exercises are done well before bedtime.
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I watch Kubrik's '2001, a Space Odissey', one of my favourite films, but it put me to sleep in seconds!
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I have a shower, not a hot one, or cold one. Body temperature if not on the slightly chilled side. For some reason it relaxes me and I'll head back to bed and be asleep in no time. If i can't be bothered to have a shower then i'll just one of my girlfriends books. Which puts me to sleep almost instantly.
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When I find it extremely hard to sleep, I resort to my favorite habit and that habit is "reading". The only solution to sleep is to read a good magazine or a book and indulge yourself completely in the charm of the text that you are reading. Ponder over its meaning and soon your eyes will be yearning to get some sleep!
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The case for not sleeping is
You are thinking more about a person or a thing. Stop your thoughts and be calm you will automatically sleep. Doing some sort of an exercise such as reading, walking before you are trying to sleep helps you
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First I sit on my couch with the lights either low or completely off. Then I take some deep breaths to help myself relax focusing on either a soothing song or imagery. Once I feel myself relax, I go to bed and read a book. It beats taking any kind of sleep aid. As for my daughter, she takes Valerian, she will make a cup of tea or take Valerian capsules. She says it really helps her.
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I take a hot bath!
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I'll open any of my course book and will try to read it. Lolz wen ever i open any book i get sleepy =D
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For my insomnia my doctor recommended 'Melatonin'. It can be purchased very cheaply at any GNC store. Melatonin is a natural chemical that is produced in the brain to aid in sleeping. You can read about it online. Before trying anything - please contact your doctor!
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If you would like a natural way to fall asleep, I would say to try some chamomile tea. It's my favorite tea and it'll send you right to sleep. But if you want medicine for you ensomnia, you should talk to a doctor.
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Listen to some soft music and relax your mind before going to sleep. Read a page from some motivational book be positive and happy.
Only you can change your attitude and this only can change your situation.
Don't keep any ill feeling in your mind and forgive everyone with whom you have ill feeling / angry etc. So you will be surprised to see the changes in you. Also try placing an amethyst crystal under your pillow
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I just count backwards and recite all the names i know that makes me pretty sleepy
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I usually get up and read for awhile when i can't sleep. Or write in a journal, depending on what's on my mind.

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